Manyata's pregnancy rumours aren't true: Sanjay Dutt

Updated on Feb 16, 2008 05:50 PM IST
Now that the brouhaha over the shaadi has ended, Sanjay Dutt fields several unanswered questions in an interview with Nilufer Qureshi.
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Hindustan Times | ByNilufer Qureshi, Mumbai

He's full of surprises. His recent wedding to Manyata aka Dilnawaz Shaikh hit the front pages and prime-time news. This is the actor’s third marriage and his bid at domestic nirvana.

Now that the brouhaha over the shaadi has ended, Sanjay Dutt fields several unanswered questions in an interview with Nilufer Qureshi

How come you didn't take a break on your first Valentine's Day after marriage?
There was no option, I have to work everyday. I had taken a few days off for the wedding. I can't keep my producers waiting. I have to complete my pending assignments and start new ones.

What did you gift Manyata?
(Laughs) Commitment and faithfulness for life.

What's your take on the institution of marriage?
It makes me feel settled.. there is a sense of belonging. (Laughs) Marriage is wonderful. Honestly, I've always believed in the institution of marriage. I'm 48, I've matured, I've become more responsible.

Life can get lonely if you don't have a companion.. a partner.. a wife. I knew that Manyata is the one for me from the word go. I feel every guy should get married the moment he feels he has found the right partner.

Would you say that you are in love?
Yes, I'm in love.. without a doubt. How can you even ask me that? To me love is no longer about flowers and chocolates. I'm not a teenager feeling the first flush of romance. Love has a different meaning for me now. I want my woman to understand my moods and my silences.

Just the fact that she is there for me is more than enough. Manyata has neither tried to change me nor does she demand any special attention. She is silent and very supportive. She has stood there like a rock for me in my difficult days.

Has marriage made any difference to your relationship with Manyata?
None. Why should it? But yes, I'm much more relaxed and at peace with myself now. Basically, I'm not the sort to party every night. I like to hang out with my friends at home.

Manyata is like me, she also loves to be at home. We share the same interests. After a hard day's work it feels great to come back to your wife.

Why didn't you invite your sisters to the wedding?
I did invite them. Now, everything is sorted between us, we are all okay. I have always maintained that my sisters mean the world to me and that's the way it will always be.

I know they will be always be there for me and they know I will be there for them. We have always held one another's hand through every sort of crisis.

Have your spoken to your daughter Trishala in New York after the marriage?

Yeah I have. She is fine. She was always okay about me marrying again. So, I don't know why the media is trying to convey that she is upset. Which daughter wouldn't like her dad to be happy?

Is it true that Manyata is pregnant?

(Laughs) I have been reading various reports that she's expecting a child. I can only say that the media knows more than us at this point. Trust me, there is no truth to this rumour.

Do you want children?

Wait, wait.. we have been married only for three-four days. Right now both of us are taking every day as it comes. The rest is up to God.

What is happening with your film production house?

Sanjay Dutt Productions will take off early next year. Right now I am busy planning the films the banner will produce. I want to make films I believe in. I don't want to be dependent on other producers to make my kind of films.

I've already signed a couple of directors. Some of the projects have been finalised though the casting still has to be done.

Will you act in the films you produce?
Not all of them. There are projects in which I am not needed. I'm not making films to re-launch myself as an actor.

It seem you have taken on 27 films at last count?
(Grins) Rubbish.. I know the films I'm doing. I'm not doing 27 by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, why should it matter how many films I have?

Quantity has never been important. There was a time when I sat at home doing nothing. I want to feel good when I am working.

What is the weirdest rumour you have heard in the last few days?
That my marriage to Manyata is not legal. Can anyone please explain this to me? We married in a proper ceremony. We didn't hide this from anyone. The media has the photographs.. we have spoken about it. So what's the problem?

Do you still believe in your friends?
Yes. I know exactly who my friends are and who will stand by me. Often, I do let my emotions get the better of me but that's okay. Contrary to media perception, I am all heart.

I may have nerves of steel but my heart is in the right place. I hurt but I never show my tears. I have been taken for a ride very often but chalo.. jaane do, I don't want to be bitter about this. I have just stopped trusting some people..

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