Bigg Boss 15: Pratik Sehajpal breaks down after being scolded by Salman Khan, Nishant says ‘Use it for your benefit’

  • Pratik Sehajpal was seen crying and Nishant Bhat consoled him on Bigg Boss 15, moments after host Salman Khan scolded the former for his behaviour.
Salman Khan scolds Pratik Sehajpal on Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar episode. 
Salman Khan scolds Pratik Sehajpal on Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar episode. 
Published on Oct 10, 2021 01:41 PM IST
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Pratik Sehajpal broke down on Bigg Boss 15 after Salman Khan scolded him for his behaviour during a fight on the reality show. Salman took Pratik to task after he broke the latch of a bathroom door while co-contestant Vidhi Pandya was inside.

After Salman Khan bid adieu to the contestants following Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Pratik was seen talking to co-contestant Nishant Bhat near the pool, late at night. Nishant and Pratik sat near the pool and the former said, “I know it is a little difficult, but do not worry. Sab theek ho jaega. (All will be well).”

Pratik started crying and hid his face in Nishant’s lap before sitting up straight and hiding his face with his hands. Nishant told him, “It is okay, vent it out. It will be fine.” Nishant hugged Pratik as he said in a choked up voice, “Bahut uncomfortable feel hota hai sahi me (Really, it feels so uncomfortable).”

Nishant told Pratik, “See, it is a lesson that he (Salman Khan) taught you. Use it for your own benefit. You committed a mistake, and it is not like no one else does so. People commit mistakes, but this should not deter you at all. This should not make you lose your courage.”

Bigg Boss fans have also criticised Pratik Sehajpal online for his actions. His co-contestants on the show had also confronted him but he told them that he was “not sorry”.

On Saturday's episode, Salman had scolded him and said that Pratik won't grow up and will continue hopping from one reality show to another. He added, “Your mom said you are tiger, I do not think I am one. That was a film. But it is your game, do as you like. Is it that important to search for topics in this manner? Your fans will see through your intentions.”

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Salman had also said that no one questioned Pratik's intentions during the incident but Pratik claimed that he was being targeted and every one was assassinating his character.

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