Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali have a little girl named Tara.
Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali have a little girl named Tara.

Mahhi Vij, months after urging fans to convince Jay Bhanushali to have another baby, answers if she is pregnant

During an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram, Mahhi Vij was asked if she is pregnant. Just a few months ago, she expressed her desire to have another baby with Jay Bhanushali.
PUBLISHED ON APR 01, 2021 11:15 AM IST

Mahhi Vij, who expressed her desire to have another child a few months ago, revealed during a recent Ask Me Anything session on Instagram that she is not expecting her second child. When a fan asked her if she was pregnant, she replied, “Noooooo.”

In October last year, Mahhi had urged fans to convince her husband Jay Bhanushali to have another baby, as he was ‘just refusing’ her requests. They already have a one-year-old daughter, Tara.

Mahhi Vij's Instagram story.
Mahhi Vij's Instagram story.

“Guys, go to Jay’s account and in the comments section, please tell him that I want another child. He is just refusing. It is lockdown and I am getting very bored. I need another child. This one is all grown up (turns the camera towards Tara and calls out to her) and she doesn’t listen to me,” Mahhi had said.

Responding to fan messages, Jay had said in a video posted on Instagram stories, “Oye pagla gaye ho kya? Kitne messages kar rahe ho?! Woh koi tamatar ke saath dhaniya free nahi maang rahi, jo aap log keh rahe ho, 'De do, de do.' Bachcha maang rahi hai, bachcha! Zara soch samajh ke message karo (Have you all gone crazy? You have sent so many messages. She is not asking for free coriander leaves with tomatoes, that you are encouraging me to give her what she wants. She wants a baby! Please think before you message).”

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Last month, Mahhi wrote a lengthy note about her foster children - Khushi and Rajveer. She reacted to the criticism levelled against her and Jay for allegedly not loving them the same way as they love their biological daughter, Tara.

“A lot of you have been questioning, a lot of you have been assuming, a lot of you have been writing anything and everything and it's just FAIR! Yes we are parents, FOSTER Parents! Tara entered our lives as a beautiful blessing but that doesn't change our feelings for Khushi and Rajveer,” she wrote.

Mahhi said that it pains her and Jay that people are questioning their love for Khushi and Rajveer and claiming that they have ‘abandoned’ the children. She added that even though the kids have moved to their hometown to live with their grandparents, they are in constant touch through video calls and messages.

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