Bore no more: 5 Fashion items that you should get rid of this year

We have seen enough of these and it’s time to throw them out of your wardrobe. Experts list up fashion garments that are so 2017.

fashion and trends Updated: Feb 05, 2018 18:49 IST
Prerna Gauba
Prerna Gauba
Hindustan Times
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Cold shoulder dresses need to be ditched .

We have seen enough of these and it’s time to throw them out of your wardrobe. Experts list up fashion garments that are so 2017.

Slogan T-shirts

Slogan T-shirts are just words and no action, time to cut down on the trend. (Viral Bhayani)

Last year, whenever fashion lovers wanted to say something strongly, they simply slipped into a T-shirt. You walked into an event and found people twinning in the same slogan shirt. This year, let the fashion mantra be actions and not just words. “I think I am over slogan T-shirts. It’s been done to death and frankly I would rather see action than words,” says designer Nachiket Barve.

Corset belts

Corset belts are so last year. (Viral Bhayani)

We saw way too many corset belts last year. Everything from a dress to saris and even pantsuits were paired with corset belts needlessly just because they were in trend. Rimple and Harpreet Narula say it’s time to give a break to extra-tight corset belts. “The look peaked in 2017, but corset belts are too restrictive and uncomfortable as it ever was- especially during summers when breezy silhouettes are the order of the day,” adds Narula

Overdone embroidery in menswear

Time to let go elaborate embroidery. (IStock)

Men in embroidered sherwani and blazers are a regular feature in Indian weddings. Too much of glittery, overwhelming embroidery in menswear is something fashion gurus don’t want to see anymore. “India is a culture with sartorial drapes and structures which we have forgotten today. I would like to see vintage attires like Nehru jackets with a more modern touch and not embroidery. It’s time to go back to the golden era and give a break to gaudy embroidery , “says desiner NikhilMehra.

Be it Indianwear or westernwear, cold shoulder blouses and tops are overdone. (Viral Bhayani)

2017 saw fashionistas getting obsessed with tops and blouses and dresses with a circular cut-out at the shoulder. They were paired with everything from skirts to saris. Every sparkly gathering would also feature at least three ladies wearing cold-shoulder dresses or gowns. And now it’s time to let go of it. “I feel that cold shoulder tops and fur slippers need to be left behind in 2018. Both are a bit overdone at this point and we are in the mood for cleaner and newer silhouettes,” says designer Amit Aggarwal.

Tattered denims are so last year. (Viral Bhayani)

The 70s favourite, ripped or tattered denims have been a fashion staple. But when too many people end up wearing extreme versions of the trend at a party, it looks like a congregation of nomads. Designers say they have seen tattered denims enough now . “I think they have been done to death. We do need a little respite. I would like to replace them with sane ones, “says designer Nida Mahmood.

First Published: Feb 05, 2018 18:47 IST