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Designer wins heart with minimalism

Budding designer Anuj Sharma left the audience spellbound with his sober motifs at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week.
IANS | By Shweta Thakur, Mumbai
UPDATED ON APR 02, 2008 03:17 PM IST

No gaudy embroidery, no sequins or other distracting embellishments. Budding designer Anuj Sharma let his fabric cascade in gentle folds, using just eyelets and buttons to pull it together for his elegant range at the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW).Designer

"I work with minimal embellishments," Anuj said after the show that won applause.

"I have used no sewing or stitching tools but only one piece fabric and eyelets for my line. I believe in letting things be as they are and that is why I call my line 'I Let It Be'."

"Actually, this line is an improved version on my last collection," he added.

The collection had a wide range of long and short dresses. Motifs were created by punching eyelets in a row at regular intervals, creating different shapes, layers and designs.

The fabric was fashioned into a skirt by attaching a few eyelets with corresponding buttons in a particular way, and into tops by attaching the eyelets in another way.

For halter dresses, leather straps were used.

"The aim of my line is to inspire people to make their own garments. Why should there be a demarcation that we should make beautiful clothes and only those with money can buy them."

"A day should come when everybody is able to design for themselves. I explored all possibilities of using eyelets and made garments using them."

The fabric used was polyester and the colour palette encompassed beiges and browns. "I got the cheapest fabric and couldn't get more colours than these. But it worked well."

Commenting on why there was no embroidery, he said: "I am greedy and can't afford to give 50 percent of embroidery cost to the workers so I didn't use it at all."

Mugdha Godse, a model who showcased his garments, said: "It is always a pleasure to work with Anuj because his creativity always surprises you. The garments are so comfortable, affordable and stylish."

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