Do it like Katie Holmes! Beauty tips for moms-on-the-move

Actress Katie Holmes has a few beauty tips for moms-on-the-move. On bad hair days she suggests you use baby oil and if you are stranded without mascara lick your fingers and run them through your lashes!
IANS | By HT Correspondent, Los Angeles
UPDATED ON OCT 24, 2014 06:18 PM IST

No mascara or hair care products? Actress Katie Holmes has a few beauty tips for moms-on-the-move.

"If I don't have any mascara then I lick my fingers and go like that, which is kind of gross," Holmes was quoted by eonline.com as saying.

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"If I have really bad hair and I have no products, then I use baby oil a little bit. And if I have no lipstick and I do have a raspberry, then I put some of that on," she added.

The actress has a go-to beauty regime that includes washing her hair daily and using moisture treatments.

"I use the new Milk (product) that Alterna made," Holmes said.

"You put that in after a shower. It has vitamin D in it so, it's good for your hair- and it really also creates that shine. If you blowdry after that it looks like a good blow-out. Like, 'Ooo, a home blow-out!'" she added.

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