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Healthy hair is happy hair: Expert advice on combating summer-struck hair

From shampooing smart to styling sans heat, these tips will help keep your hair healthy.

fashion and trends Updated: Jun 16, 2017 19:01 IST
Bhavika Marwaha
Bhavika Marwaha
Hindustan Times
Follow some hair care tips to ensure your hair stays in its best health in summer.(iStockphoto)

Everyone wants hair that is healthy, but heat, pollution and sweat tend to take a toll on our tresses and make them dull and lifeless. Here are a few tips, that if followed, will help you have your hair game on fleek. Read on to know how to get a head full of healthy hair...


Healthy diet is important for healthy hair. Adequate intake of certain minerals and vitamins add life and strength the mane. “Include lots of raw cabbage and onion in your diet. It prevents hair loss. In case of hair fall, they can grind an onion, massage the juice into the scalp or cover the bald patches with the same. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo. Results will be noticeable soon,” says beauty expert Aashmeen Munjaal

No matter how frequently we wash our hair, oil and sweat sometimes can be difficult to get rid off. “While
over-shampooing can strip the hair of its natural oils, not washing your hair on time can make it greasy and prone to fall. While how frequently one should wash their hair depends on their shampoo type (organic or regular) and even their hair type, it is necessary that one clean or rinse their hair on time,” says beauty expert Deepa Verma.

Given that summer heat is merciless on hair, styling with heat only worsens the damage. “A simple hack to style your hair in summer is by twirling your wet hair into curls. It works with both Indian and western wear. If you want to step out with all your hair tied up, do opt for braids with minimal accessories,”says Munjaal.


To avoid damage from chlorine, you can apply a layer of oil before swimming, and make sure to wear swimming cap. — Deepa Verma

Swimming becomes a part of most people’s daily fitness routine during summer and the chlorine in the water ends up damaging the hair. “To avoid damage from chlorine, you can apply a layer of oil before swimming, and make sure to wear swimming cap,” says Verma.

An oily scalp leads to problems such as acne and hair loss. “To remove excess oil from your hair, you can give it a gentle rinse with lemon juice. As a quick fix remedy, spray a little bit of astringent in your hair and brush it on to get that instant fresh shine in your hair,” explains Munjaal

Coloured hair requires more care than natural hair, and as per Munjaal, one should avoid going out in the heat or washing their hair with hot water.“ Keep your hair covered with a scarf or a big beach hat as much as you can. If you have spent more time in sun, take a shower. Use cold water, the colder the water, the more the colour will stay. At least, one shot of cold water at the end of your shower makes your hair shinier because it seals the cuticle,” adds Munjaal.

First Published: Jun 16, 2017 18:59 IST