Holi care: Your complete guide to take care of your eyes, skin and hair

Avoid allergies or infection while you play with colours this Holi. Take care of your face, your eyes and your hair.

health and fitness Updated: Mar 12, 2017 11:18 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
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This how you take care of your eyes, skin and hair this festive season.

Holi is almost here, knocking at our doorsteps and we are excited to get the party started. However, with all the colours flying around, it’s imperative that we protect our eyes, skin and hair from colours, since we don’t know how our body reacts to these chemicals. With experts advice, we have prepared a guide to help you enjoy a safe Holi.

Eye care

1)“Always apply coconut oil beneath your eyes. This allows to remove the colour easily and keeps the eyes and the area beneath it protected,” says Dr Ritika Sachdev, cornea, cataract and refractive surgery specialist. Also keep in mind to cover your eyes tightly when colour is being splashed around.

2)“If you wear lenses, make sure you remove your lenses before stepping out to play Holi,” suggests Dr Ritika. If possible, protect your eyes with sunglasses or protective eye wear while playing.

3)“The most important thing to remember is to avoid touching your eyes or rubbing them as it may cause irritation or vision loss,” states Dr Ritika. In case colour enters your eyes, wash them immediately with clean water.

4)“Don’t forget to tie your hair and use a cap to prevent coloured water dripping into your eyes,” advises Dr Ritika. This is one of the major reasons that can cause eye infections and allergies while playing Holi.

Hair care

1)“One should apply oil or apply conditioner over the length of your hair as well as your scalp and leave it. This acts as a barrier, protecting the scalp from colours,” states Dr Sumit Gupta, dermatologist.

2)“If you have long hair, you should either tie it up or make a braid, so that the colour does not reach your scalp,” suggest Dr Gupta. If you have short hair, you should wear a cap or bandana to keep your hair covered.

3)“Wash your hair with cold water as it removes the colours easily. Use a mild cleansing shampoo that is free of chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), and Parabens,” advises Dr Gupta. Also use non foaming shampoos to remove colours.

4)“Once you have washed off the colour from your hair, apply a thick layer of intense conditioning all over the length of your hair. Do not apply the conditioner to your scalp so that the damage caused by the friction of crystal materials from the colour can be repaired,” states Dr Gupta.

Skin care

1)“Apply argon oil on your body before heading out for Holi celebrations,” suggests Dr Kiran Dhar, dermatologist. This will add an additional layer between the skin and the colours. It also refrains the colours to stick on your body.

2)Moisturise and hydrate your skin well. “Use zinc-based barrier creams before going out to play. These creams help prevent minor skin irritations and burns caused by harmful colours,” states Dr Dhar.

3)“Combination of colours and the sun is also harmful. Therefore it’s important to use a sunscreen of SPF 30,” advises Dr Dhar. Sunscreen is an effective barrier against colours.

4)“To cleanse, put aloe vera cream after Holi. It moisturises and soothes your skin and fights against infection,” says Dr Dhar.

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