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Kickstart your day with fun yoga

Stay fit and relaxed through the day with your morning dose of easy yoga

health and fitness Updated: Jan 18, 2013 01:05 IST

Stay fit and relaxed through the day with your morning dose of easy yoga

Tip 1: hair
When indulging in yoga, make sure to keep your hair away from your face. Tie a high pony tail, tightly clasped, or make a fine braid. A top knot is also a good option. If you have heavy bangs, pin them up or take them back with a sleek hair band

Tip 2: mat

YogaFor getting your asanas right and perfecting your moves, invest in a good yoga mat. It helps you carve out your exercise space, prevents strain on the spine, and also saves you from bruises or cuts from the ground.

Tip 3: outfit
A well-fitting tracksuit that helps your body breathe, makes for a perfect yoga garb. You can also opt for a cotton ganji paired with work-out shorts

Lie down with forehead on the ground. Keep legs together and arms on the sides with the palms by the side of your thighs. Now, bring the arms closer to your shoulders and bend them at the elbows, to bring the palms right below the shoulder. Tilt the head upwards to look up. Then, slowly arch the spine and pressing the palms, raise the upper trunk from the ground. Stay in the position for 20 seconds. Then slowly resume to normal position.

Invisible Chair
Stand straight and raise your arms and hands in front of your body. Bending your knees, get your upper body to tilt at a slight angle forward. Make sure to keep your back straight, just imagine that you are sitting on a chair. Now, try and sit as low as possible. Try and be in this pose for 20-30 seconds, and then go back to the original standing position.

Lift up
Lie on your back. Now raise your upper body and legs slightly above the ground. Remember to raise the torso or back and not just to raise and bend the neck. That would strain it in the wrong way. The feet can go up till a level of about 30 degrees above the ground. Hands are to be stretched out in front. Stay in pose for 20 seconds, then come back and relax.

Stand with your feet wide apart. Now, get your palms together and hands stretched over your head, pointing towards the sky with folded hands. Bend your right knee so as to get your right thigh at 90 degree angle. Turn your trunk and head to the right too. Same is to be done for the left side. Do each side for 30 seconds.

Sitting -Forward-Bend
Sit down with your legs stretched out together and arms extended upwards. Now try and stretch yourself by getting your back and palms down to touch the toes. While doing this, contract your stomach muscles. Try holding your toes now with your hands. Stay for as long as possible (maybe 30 seconds). Relax and repeat. First warm up and then do it gradually as it requires flexibility.

Stand straight with feet close to each other and arms by your side. The entire body should be erect and alert, and legs, thighs, hips, shoulders, stomach and neck muscles tightened. Keep feet firmly grounded. Now, raise your body upwards, balancing on your toes, while your hands are to be stretched over your head. Fingers are to be pointing upwards. Try and stretch your entire body upwards, to a good extent, and stay only on the toes. Be in this pose for 20 seconds, then come back and relax.

By Juhi Garg, Yoga expert