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Loving others

Love is not a quantity, it is a quality and a quality of certain category that grows by giving and caring.

health and fitness Updated: Feb 16, 2004 23:17 IST

Everybody in this world wants to be loved. But this psychology leads human beings to miseries and they look the other way for the solution. But the solution lies elsewhere — it is not to be loved by others but to love others. Loving others is the formula and the secret of our happiness.

It is the right beginning. Rather than asking or wanting 'Give me love', start giving love. 'Give me love' is a wrong proverb. In order to get love, one has to give love first, and then all the problems will automatically melt and vanish. Forget about getting, simply give and in that giving one is bound to get much. The Buddha says, 'Have a loving attitude — love everyone and everything without any expectation. That is the real stage of being religious.'

A story related with Madam Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical society, will make it clearer. Madam Blavatsky had a strange habit. She used to carry many bags with her, full of seeds of flowers. Sitting in the train by the side of the window, she would go on throwing seeds outside the window. People, amazed by her act, would ask, ‘What are you doing? You carry so many luggage full of only flower seeds and you start throwing them outside the window for miles and miles. What is this?’ She replied: 'These are seeds of beautiful flowers. I throw them with a purpose. The seeds will grow and will become plants. Thousands of flowers will blossom. Though I will not be coming back to see those flowers but thousands of people passing through this way and thousands of people residing in the locality will be able to see those flowers and enjoy their beauty and fragrance.' In turn people asked her, 'When you will not see them again, what is your joy?'

Her reply was, 'My joy is that so many people will be joyful. Whatever I can do to make people joyful, I will do. It is a part of my love.'

This showed she loved humanity. So just give your love. Whatever we do for others we should always do with love. It is a law of nature — we get what we give. In fact, we get more than what we give. Osho says, 'Giving love is a beautiful experience, because then you are an emperor. Getting love is a very small experience and it is the experience of beggar. At least, as far as love is concerned, be an emperor, because it is an inexhaustible quality in you. Love is not a quantity, it is a quality and a quality of certain category that grows by giving and dies if you hold it back. If you are miserly about it, it dies.

First Published: Feb 14, 2004 14:21 IST