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Leena Mogre is the director of Leena Mogre Fitness answers your fitness queries.

health and fitness Updated: Aug 25, 2011 14:47 IST
Leena Mogre
Leena Mogre
Hindustan Times

Leena Mogre is the director of Leena Mogre Fitness and is an aerobics, power yoga and weight training expert. Her panel, comprising Dr Rakesh Nair (orthopaedics and sports medicine), Jaya Hiranandani (nutritionist), Kalpesh Vinerkar (exercise and sports training), Nikhil Mogre (sports specialist) and Rupali Gujar (diet and nutrition) will answer your questions.

Q: I am a 15 year old boy, 5’5” tall and weigh 45 kgs. I am suffering from poor digestion, acidity and gas problems. Please suggest a vegetarian diet for me to gain weight and get free from the above problems.
- Preet Shah

Hi Preet, you can follow this diet:
7 am: Some dry fruits.
Breakfast: A bowl of cornflakes with skimmed milk or two parathas or a bowl of boiled moong.
Mid morning: 1 bowl of fruits (seasonal)/ 1 glass fruit juice.
Lunch: Three dry chapatis + a cup of rice + dal 1.5 bowl / sprouts 1 cup like moong/ rajma/ masoor/ chawli / soya chunks + vegetables 1 cup + curd
Evening Snacks: A glass of fruit milkshake + handful roasted chana + kurmura/ tomato omlelette or two dal dosas
Mid- Evening: One fruit
Dinner: Three chapatis + 1 cup rice/ veg pulao + paneer / dal 1.5 cup/ sambhar + veg 1 cup + salads or veg raita
Bed time: 1 glass milk or fruit custard

Q: I am 28, 5 feet tall and 58 kgs. I have a 6-month old baby and have gained weight around my stomach, waistline and hips. I have been breastfeeding, but now I started with weaning. Please suggest a diet plan.
- Deepti S

Hi Deepti. The recommended energy increase is 400 calories during the next six months of lactation. So you’ll require about 2,200 calories a day. Also, you need more protein, calcium and iron intake. Here’s a diet:
Breakfast: Porridge+ 2 egg whites + 1 fruit
Mid morning: Some dry fruits (like almonds/walnuts/raisins)
Lunch: Two chapatis + 1/2 cup of rice + 1 cup of sprouted usal + 1/2 bowl dal + veg 1 cup + salad
Post lunch: Curd made with cow’s milk
Evening snack: Potato poha + fruit
Late evening: Milkshake
Dinner: Two bhakris + green leafy veg 1 cup + dal 1 bowl (like moong dal) + salads
Bed time: A glass of milk

First Published: Aug 25, 2011 12:10 IST