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Readers’ queries on flu

Readers’ queries on flu answered!
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent, New Delhi
UPDATED ON FEB 24, 2013 10:56 PM IST

I have continuous cough for the past two years. I used expectorents but they couldn’t help. Is it flu?
You must stop taking random medicines, and consult a chest specialist as soon as possible as you need to be examined by a professional.

Two years is a pretty long time and there shouldn’t be any further delay.

I am running fever, have a runny nose and headache. Am I suffering from H1N1 flu?
These symptoms appear to be that of flu but whether it is H1N1 or seasonal influenza is difficult to tell as the symptoms of both are mostly the same.

Only a doctor will be able to differentiate. Have lots of warm fluids, and take rest for a few days, if the symptoms persist see a doctor.

I have cold, sore throat and congestion for the past four days. I consulted my doctor who gave Amoxyllin 500, citrizine, celin chewable cough syrup. I am 69-years-old. What do you suggest?
If the symptoms are getting better then there is no need for change in medicines.

If you are not feeling better then see your doctor.

I have symptoms like sore throat, fatigue, mild headache. My friend who lives with me has running nose, severe headache and eye pain. Everyone in the home has fever. Is it fine if I go to college, as I travel by Metro?
It appears to be a case of flu that someone in the family contracted and spread further.

Viral influenza is contagious so it’s better if you can avoid crowded spaces till your symptoms get better.

I have cough and body ache. Is it related to common cold or something else?
These are symptoms of seasonal flu.

Dr Supriya Bali
Senior Consultant, department of internal medicine, Max Healthcare.

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