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Weekend fix for the soul: Miracle of daily life

Hindustan Times | ByKamalrukh Khan, New Delhi
Mar 21, 2015 04:53 PM IST

Don't think, don't obsess and don't wonder. Just breathe and have faith. That's the only requirement for a miracle, writes Kamalrukh Khan.

Life is a series of thousands of miracles, some happening and some waiting to happen. Miracles are understood by people as encounters, otherwise considered impossible. Most people also feel miracles go against nature's laws. But do we really comprehend all of nature's laws?

Don't think and don't obsess. Just breathe and have faith. That's the only requirement for a miracle. (Shutterstock)

I believe in miracles and witnessing miracles always fills my heart with love and a profound sense of reverence for the grace the universe has bestowed on me. They have been intercessions in times of deep crisis and are reminders that the universe works in mysterious ways, and that we do not know everything. They come in moments, to those ready and willing and are an everyday occurrence to those who realise that anything is possible. As for me, I totally depend on them.

The miracle about miracles is that they are manifested by us. They happen when we give as much energy to our dreams as to our fears--belief in something with all our heart and might brings it to life. Each time something positive is put forth into the universe by us, our kindness invites miracles in our world as well as others. Don't think, don't obsess and don't wonder. Just breathe and have faith. That's the only requirement for a miracle.

Being so busy in our daily routines, we often forget to be grateful for all the small miracles that are planted everyday of our lives. Considering the fragility of our existence and all the number of unexpected things that can happen every second of every day, being alive each day itself a miracle; to have a family and to be loved is a miracle; to watch your children laugh and play is miraculous; making a living, navigating traffic, doing what you love to do every day or doing something of difficulty are all miracles.

Each time we see the humble person exalted, the arrogant person humbled, weakening of the strong, strengthening of the weak, the wise becoming fools and fools becoming wise, we are witnessing miracles. Moments that have sometimes scared and intimidated me have miraculously just vanished - something just happens that comforts me, embraces me and lights up my path again.

For those still sitting on the fence, consider this. We live on a blue ball which is suspended in space; it moves around another ball of fire as do many other colourful balls (planets), without crashing into one another or getting too close to the ball of fire and getting destroyed! Moreover, the blue ball that we live on is next to a moon which moves oceans and seas! And the oceans, seas or anything doesn't 'fall off' the ball! This 'organised chaos' is nothing short of a miracle!

Another thing I learnt about miracles is that most of the times, they do not happen the way we expect them to happen. Sometimes they come by shattering all the windows, like in the case of Charlie Hebdo. In spite of the tragic and brutal killings, the incident strongly united the world; leaders world-over walked arm in arm in a procession in Paris, condemning terrorists and the Israeli and Palestinian leaders who are at war with each other for years, even hugged!

All said and done, ultimately, the greatest miracle is us -- where the problem and the solution are within us, the question and the answer is the same source! People are always trying to change their existence, but the greatest miracle is in accepting oneself for who we are. In the whole world filled with millions of people, there is only one of each of us. No one can replicate us. We are unique. We are special. We are a miracle.

Note: Kamalrukh Khan is a Mumbai-based Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach. She's intuitive, strong and positive and loves travelling. She believes travelling to a new country is the best education she can give her kids. Painting and flying a plane or chopper top her bucket-list.

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