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Animal activists, rescuers welcome ban on sale, breeding of ‘ferocious’ dogs, not the reason

Mar 13, 2024 06:46 PM IST

After recent incidents of dog attacks, the Centre has sought ban on ‘ferocious’ breeds. Animal activists, rescuers welcome the move, but detest the reason.

The Centre has sought a ban on import, breeding, and sale of several “ferocious” dog breeds such as pitbull, rottweiler, terrier, wolf dogs, and mastiffs as pet dogs, deeming them “dangerous for human life”. The restrictions will also extend to mixed and cross-bred canines. Existing house pets of these breeds are to be sterilised.

Alongside the new plea for ban, on 'ferocious' breeds of dogs, the statement by the Centre also asks pets of this breed to be sterilised. (Photo: Shutterstock )
Alongside the new plea for ban, on 'ferocious' breeds of dogs, the statement by the Centre also asks pets of this breed to be sterilised. (Photo: Shutterstock )

“We applaud the Centre for taking this step to safeguard vulnerable dog breeds commonly exploited by criminal elements of society for illegal dogfighting, as well as children and elderly citizens who are wounded and even killed by specific types of dogs who are manipulated and trained to consider other living beings ‘prey’,” says Shaurya Agarwal, advocacy research associate, PETA India, adding that the order will help address the misuse of these animals as weapons, as well as “provide vital protection for both humans and dogs”. Agarwal adds, "Pitbulls and related breeds are the most commonly abandoned dogs in India, and this action will prevent a great deal of suffering.”

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But not everyone is convinced about the reason behind this plea by the Centre to seek a ban. “There is no such thing as an aggressive breed,” notes Ambika Shukla, animal rights activist and a trustee of People for Animals (PFA). “We welcome the regulation on sale and breeding of certain breeds, but not for the reason that the Centre has specified but because of the enormous cruelty these dogs are subjected to by unscrupulous breeders. These breeds are kept confined, not given any medical attention, are sold for dog fights and get hurt or harm each other in the process. No breed is intrinsically dangerous to humans,” she adds.

Concurring that these breeds are not “ferocious”, Anupam Mehta, founder of Touch And Treat, says, “Breeders abandon these breeds when the dogs grow old. In India, 90% of breeding is illegal (without license). With this rule, breeding for such purposes apne aap khatam ho jaayegi and people will be compelled to adopt from shelters.”


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