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Get that glow with pearl skin trend

Jun 10, 2024 02:58 PM IST

Pearl skin is one of the top beauty trends at the moment. Learn how to ace this all natural look that is suitable for all skin types

From glass skin to the glazed doughnut makeup look, the latest beauty trends are all about keeping things fresh and natural. Now, pearl skin is the hottest way to achieve the coveted dewy glow. Celebrities like actor Emma Stone and model Hailey Baldwin Bieber have embraced the look and it’s no wonder why. Clocking about 30 million views on social media, the trend isn’t just about layering on highlighter but focusses on creating an iridescent finish and a soft, luminous glow that flatters all ages and skin types.


Pearl skin utilises pigmented highlighters and bronzers to create a reflective glow, drawing light to strategic areas of the face.

The glass skin trend originated in Korea and focuses primarily on skincare, requiring a meticulous routine to achieve a smooth, almost wet-looking complexion. “In contrast, pearl skin involves both skincare and makeup working together to create a radiant appearance,” says beauty influencer Jahanvi Singh.

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Unlike glass skin, which depends on hydrated skin as its base, pearl skin utilises pigmented highlighters and bronzers to create a reflective glow, drawing light to strategic areas of the face.

Key features to focus on include the cheekbones and any other high points, such as the tip of the nose, the cupid’s bow, or the inner corner of the eyes. Using the right products — think creams instead of powders — will ensure that your makeup does not settle into fine lines or emphasise the skin’s texture but instead creates skin that looks radiant from within.


According to makeup artist Amita Juneja, anyone can rock the pearl skin look, regardless of their skin tone and age. “When you look at a pearl, you notice different colours including white, copper, taupe, champagne, pink, lavender and green. These colours are pretty subtle and work for a wide range of skin tones. Rose gold is especially nice and looks good on most people,” she suggests.


The secret to pearly skin lies in the base. Ditch the heavy foundations, and instead opt for light coverage, sheer foundations, tinted moisturizer's and concealers. Cream products are key as they blend together well for a natural, dewy effect and prevent your makeup from looking cakey.

Prep with a strobe cream or highlighting primer to replicate that glow. Then, create the pearl effect by applying a liquid highlighter to your cheekbones, blending upwards towards the brow bones and the bridge of your nose for extra radiance. Finish with a clear lip gloss and some shimmer on the eyelids to tie it all together.

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