A VHP activist stands near a replica of Ram Mandir in Prayagraj. (ANI File)
A VHP activist stands near a replica of Ram Mandir in Prayagraj. (ANI File)

VHP to discuss Ram temple construction, population policy at upcoming meeting

The comments came in the backdrop of plans in Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled states such as Uttar Pradesh and Assam for introducing population control laws
PUBLISHED ON JUL 16, 2021 05:29 PM IST

Vishva Hindu Parishad on Friday said the Hindus uphold India’s democratic values and therefore efforts should be made to ensure that their status as the majority community remains unchanged. “When it comes to population control policy, there should be a dominance of Hindus. The principles of politics, secularism, and tolerance are being followed because of the dominance of the Hindu population. And whatever needs to be done to ensure their majority should be done,” VHP general secretary Milind Parande told journalists ahead of a meeting of the organisation’s governing council and board of trustees from Saturday.

The comments came in the backdrop of plans in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled states such as Uttar Pradesh and Assam for introducing population control laws. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday last unveiled a population policy aimed at stabilising the state’s population. This came after a draft of the Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill was made public.

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Parande said Hindu families should think about having at least two kids. He added even China has reversed its single-child norm though it still continues to remain the most populous country.

Parande said “love jihad”, political violence in West Bengal, and freeing of temples, and monasteries from government control will be taken up at the meeting of the VHP, which is an affiliate of the ruling BJP’s ideological fountainhead, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He referred to the controversy over the alleged irregularities in land purchases related to the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and said it was created by those against its construction. “And they are doing so in view of the (assembly) elections coming up.” He said the trust overseeing the construction has responded with proof to the controversy. “...people have faith in the Trust. But these people are trying to create an impediment in the construction of the temple.”

He said the Catholic Bishops Association in Kerala has also raised concerns about men deceiving women by concealing their religious identity and has written to the Union home minister about it. “In the last few years, many Christian women have been forced to convert. In Britain, too, there are about 1,500 cases of women who have become victims of love jihad and the groups that were busted were of Pakistani Muslims.”

Hindu groups use the “love jihad” term to describe relationships between Muslim men and Hindu women.

In response to a question whether the VHP perceives a threat to Hinduism from Islam or any other faith, he said, “There is no threat, but they are indulging in some wrongdoings. Nobody can destroy the Hindu faith. But some unconstitutional activities are taking place.” He said conversions amounted to an attack on Hinduism. “This (conversion) is being carried out by the missionaries as well as Islamic sects who divide the world into believers and non-believers.”

The VHP reiterated its support for the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and said it has been pursuing the issue of fast-tracking citizenship under the legislation for Hindu refugees from neighbouring countries. “We have helped over 6,000 Pakistani Hindus...get citizenship... In Gujarat and Rajasthan, we took up the problem the refugees were facing in getting vaccinations...”

Parande said the VHP has asked the government and human rights organisations to take note of alleged forced conversions of Hindus in Pakistan. He maintained the organisation will do whatever it takes to create awareness about the need to have a dispensation in power that believes in protecting Hindu rights. Parande said anyone who does not protect the rights of the Hindus should not be in power.

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