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A new-look Delhi is not for foreign guests only

Delhiites should realise that the government’s beautification drive is not aimed at impressing foreign guests and athletes only.

india Updated: May 24, 2010 23:21 IST
Hindustan Times

A new-look Delhi is not for foreign guests only

With reference to the report Delhiites stealing games show (May 21), it was shocking to read that all those who call this city their home are resorting to such activities. Delhiites should realise that the government's beautification drive is not aimed at impressing foreign guests and athletes only. A new-look city with better facilities will be a boon for its residents too.

Tanuja Singh, Delhi

Safety above all

It was sad to learn that nearly 160 people lost their lives in the Mangalore airplane crash (2 seconds to disaster, May 23). The Civil Aviation Ministry should look into the matter and present its report on the accident at the earliest. Air India should realise that human lives are more important than profits. It should put in place stringent safety measures so that such mishaps don't happen ever again.

Harikumar G. Nayar, Canada

Ban is not the way out

The protest against the ban on Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry in Pakistan is justified (Pakistan seethes on Twitter and Blackberry ban, May 22). In this age of super-connectivity, such bans are ridiculous. Every individual has the right to express his or her opinion. The authorities in Pakistan should realise that bans like these will not solve the problems.

R.J. Khurana, via email

No mercy for Maoists

Politicians like Narendra Modi, Digvijay Singh and Lalu Prasad deserve condemnation for being soft one Maoists and asking the State to refrain from using violence against them. The Maoist problem is intensifying by the day. They have killed over 100 people in one month and have also declined the State's offer to resolve their differences through dialogue. The State should not think twice before using military action against the rebels. The Maoists are no different than Islamicist terrorists. Both groups kill innocents and destabilise the nation.

Danendra Jain, via email

Well begun but half done

The editorial A narrative of continuation (Our Take, May 22) presents a balanced view of the first year of the UPA 2. The government is living up to its election promise of providing better facilities to the aam aadmi. But its slow pace in doing so calls for an urgent review. The editorial rightly warns Prime Minister Manmohan Singh against the Maoist problem, which is snowballing into a big national crisis.

Ramesh Sinha, Delhi

Salutations to the creator

Kudos to Craig Venter and his team for their feat (Scientists create first synthetic cell, May 22). This novel step in the field of creating artificial life will go a long way in understanding human biology and will provide a boost to genetic engineering.

Achyut Railkar, Mumbai

First Published: May 24, 2010 23:17 IST