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After Mohra, Askhay Kumar-Rajiv Rai team up again

Director Rajiv Rai relocates from Los Angeles to Mumbai and plans a thriller with Akshay Kumar. Hiren Kotwani has the details.
Hindustan Times | By Hiren Kotwani, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 19, 2008 04:15 PM IST

Four years after Asambhav, Rajiv Rai has relocated from Los Angeles to Mumbai. The producer-director is now planning an action thriller with Akshay Kumar.

The two had worked together for Mohra, 14 years ago. Rai has already registered the titles Do or Die, To Do or Die and Heat. It is learnt that Rai had met up with the actor in January to discuss a romantic-comedy-cum-thriller.

His homecoming
Confirming that he has registered the titles, Rai said, “I wanted to register some other titles as well but they had already been booked by other filmmakers. Actually, I’m not sure whether I will finally use any of the registered titles.”

The filmmaker, who had moved to LA after being targeted by the underworld in 1997, reveals that he has four-five scripts in mind. However, there might be a change in plans. Rai discloses, “I have a thriller in mind, which I’d like to make first. I’ll be meeting Akshay in July to take a final call.”

He elaborates,“I’m in no hurry, because at the end of the day, one has to be satisfied with the final product. Earlier I would work on one script at a time. Now, I have a bank of scripts.”

The filmmaker has also been busy working on his English-language film, coscripted by a Hollywood writer.

He states,“It’s a period film which I’ll be producing and directing. I’d like to make it with an Indian star. The cast and crew must be in place before I talk with any Hollywood studio.”

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