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Are you dating a Casanova? Find out...

Are you keeping company with a Casanova? Take the quiz and find out.

india Updated: Apr 22, 2006 17:14 IST
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So you and your hottie are finally exclusive. Or are you? Maybe it’s his late nights at the office or the way he looks at your girlfriends, but something just doesn’t feel right.

Are you keeping company with a covert Casanova? Take the quiz and find out!

You’ve just finished a date and his cell phone is blinking with a zillion missed calls. Will your guy scroll through them?

A. No. He would only check them after I’m gone.

  The Casanova trap!

B. Sometimes, but he glosses over some.

C. Absolutely — always.

Mr Man jokes about a threesome with your hot girlfriend..’

A. All the time.

B. He mentions how a threesome is his fantasy, but not that often.

C. Never. You finally get to meet his best buds.

You say, “Hi!”, they:

A. Wink and say, “Watch out for this guy!”

B. Smirk and say, “We’ve heard so much about you!”

C. Tease your boy about how gaga he is for you.

How does he sign off when he emails female friends?

A. “Miss you, lots of love”.

B. “Always”.

C. “Later!” (Complete with annoying smiling emoticon).

When he’s at work and you try getting in touch with him, you

A. Rarely ever catch him at night.

B. He doesn’t always answer immediately, but calls back later.

C. He’s always available, no matter what time.

Does he like to compliment your gal pals?

A. Does staring at their boobs and legs count?

B. Usually about hair or lipstick.

C. He saves all his flattery for me.

Mostly As: Your man’s reluctance to be open — whether it’s hiding mail or avoiding you when away— spells trouble. And his wandering eye doesn’t help. You can’t change him. For something more serious, move on. It’s all a game to this guy.

Mostly Bs: Sure, he likes you, but it won’t take much to tip him to temptation. Whatever the spark —too many drinks or too much cleavage — he’s a minefield for a monogamous-minded girl. If your suspect him, confront him. But be ready to hear the answer.

Mostly Cs: Your boyfriend is either a great, sensitive guy — or he’s gay. You needn’t question his every move. He’s a keeper.