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Clip ISI's wings, says former Afghan president

Terming ISI as a "threat" to the entire world, former Afghanistan president Sighatullah Al-Mojaddedi asks the US to rein in Pakistan's ISI.
PTI | By HT Correspondent, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUN 02, 2008 11:24 AM IST

With the country seeing decades of internal strife, former Afghanistan president Sighatullah Al-Mojaddedi on Monday asked the US to rein in Pakistan's ISI and "save" the world from terrorism.

Terming ISI as a "government" within a government and "threat" to the entire world, Al-Mojaddedi, the present chairman of Afghanistan Senate, said Washington should seriously think of curbing the role of ISI or face consequences.

"It is their (US') duty to do so to break the nexus between the ISI and the terror groups or otherwise the whole world would be engulfed by terrorism," Al-Mojaddedi told PTI in the Capital.

The Afghan senator was in India to attend a conference on anti-terrorism.

"ISI is supporting various terror groups and has become threat to the entire world and this needs to be checked," Al-Mojaddedi said.

Claiming that the roots of nearly 90 per cent of terror activities or groups across the world can be traced to Pakistan, Mojaddedi said the US should give special attention and intervene by using force to break the nexus between ISI and these numerous groups.

Pakistan has become a "breeding ground" for terrorists who are "exported" to other countries to continue with their subversive activities, Mojaddedi said.

"There are training camps in Afghanistan where terrorists from various countries are trained," he said, adding ISI "has become a government within the Pakistani government."

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