Conference on wind energy soon

Efforts of Ministry of Non Conventional Energy (MNES) to promote wind power has already excited private players, writes M Rajendran.

india Updated: Oct 12, 2006 22:25 IST

India needs increased private sector participation in wind power to harness more than 20,000 megawatt (MW) as against a current generation of only about 1,100 megawatt of electricity from the installed capacity of 5,500 MW.

Efforts of the Ministry of Non Conventional Energy (MNES) to promote wind power has already excited private players. Dr Anil Kane who was the first Indian to be elected president of World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), told Hindustan Times, "The cost of electricity in India generated from wind power oscillates between Rs 2.60-3.40 per unit of power, which is less than Rs 6 per unit in Spain and Germany and Rs 4-5 per unitin the United States."

The WWEA will host for the first time a conference in India next month on Wind Energy.

Currently, India is the fourth largest country in terms of installed capacity of wind power at about 5,500 MW. Germany leads with 18,427 MW, Spain 10,027 MW and US 9,149 MW.

Kane is bullish on the growth of wind power, if the government provides the necessary tax breaks and incentives. It could constitute 30 per cent of electricity to be produced in the future."India gets good 5-7 meters per second wind velocity. This is a perfect speed for generation of power," said Kane.

According to Ministry of Non Conventional Energy (MNES) about 11.3 billion units of electricity have been fed to various state grids from wind power projects. More than 80 per cent of the power thus generated has been used for captive consumption, and the rest sold to the grid or to a third party.

Vilas Muttemwar, Minister for Non-conventional Energy Sources said, "India has huge potential for wind power. The manufacturers of wind power equipments are growing steadily in the country. Finance Ministry has provided necessary support to the sector."

First Published: Oct 12, 2006 22:25 IST