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Crying wolf too often

Every breath he takes, the State’s watching him, or so Ramdev seems to think as he returns to join the battle.

india Updated: Jun 27, 2011 21:43 IST
Hindustan Times

The yoga instructor returned to Delhi and this time he came back as the aggrieved victim. But as aggrieved victims are wont, Ramdev may have exaggerated his threat perception a wee bit. Anyone who was listening to the yoga guru, who had been expelled on June 4 from the Ramlila Maidan, would be under his thrall if they didn't take his belief that the police wanted to 'eliminate' him with a barrel of salt. He went on to explain why he 'escaped' instead of standing his ground (with one foot or two, we can't be sure): "I didn't want to die the death of a wolf, I didn't want to die the death of an animal, I didn't want to die at the hands of the police which has become the puppet of the government. So I decided to escape." We're not too sure what the wolf metaphor's all about. But if you can ask CPI(M)'s Brinda Karat politely, she'll explain Ramdev's penchant for animal imageries as proof that he mixes animal bones in his 'ayurvedic' products.

Ramdev is no Netaji, nor was he meant to be. For those regularly tuning into the Aastha channel, it would seem that the yoga guru has crossed over to the 'real' world. In this supra-Aastha world, Ramdev has announced that he was determined to continue the 'struggle' against corruption. If that means standing next to 'a cat', as long as it kills the 'rat', he's game. For someone who calls the Ramlila Maidan incident a "murder of democracy", comparable to the Emergency, it's just one step away to position oneself under some governmental sniper attack ready for more conspiracy theories.

Ramdev has also been fighting the charge that he's a man propped up by the Sangh parivar to destabilise the glorious UPA regime. The problem is that by using the metaphor of the 'mukhota' (mask), he has reminded us of another chap accused of being a 'mukhota' - no, not Jim Carrey in Mask, but

AB Vajpayee who was once accused of being an RSS's mask. Is the yoga instructor really under the 'take him out' list of the government. That's highly unlikely, unless the asanas he teaches to his multitude of followers are the first steps to forming that great sena he had talked about.

First Published: Jun 27, 2011 21:39 IST