Do you want light music played in local trains?

After Eastern Railway begun a similar project, Western Railways too seem open to the idea, reports Rajendra Aklekar.

india Updated: Oct 27, 2006 02:38 IST

Would you like to have light music played in our local trains while traveling? The Western Railway is open to the idea.

After Eastern Railway begun a similar project to play light music in local trains on Wednesday by inviting bids from radio houses and entertainment companies, senior WR officials say they could replicate the project provided there is positive public opinion about it after conducting a survey.

Eastern Railway on Wednesday invited proposals from corporate houses, TV channel owners, radio and entertainment companies to "operate via remote satellite transmission system with sharp and powerful FM or any other band of radio signals audio programmes in running suburban trains."

According to the project dossier, a control panel facility will be set up in the guard's cabin capable of playing audio cassettes, CD, DVD software.

The system has been aimed to provide essential information to the traveling public along with entertaining them with light music/songs.

"Our trains in Mumbai are very much equipped with all the required set-up and implementing the project is a practical reality, but the question is whether people in Mumbai want it," Western Railway's Mumbai boss Satya Prakash, the divisional railway manager, told HT.

"Public opinion in Mumbai may be divided over it. Some will say that as it is there's so much crowd in the train and music would not allow them to travel peacefully, others may prefer it. We will require to collect public opinion before we start any such project. But technically, it's very much possible," he added.

WR local trains have recently begun relaying information about approaching railway stations in running local trains with the help of speakers and installing the music software should not be a problem.

Passenger associations in the city have welcomed the music project with caution. The railways can try it out, but not during the peak hours.

And there should be no advertisements relayed like done on television or radios which take most of the time, leaving no music or entertainment, says Deepak Gandhi of Mumbai Suburban Railway Passengers Association.

First Published: Oct 27, 2006 02:38 IST