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Feeling lonely? Try the friendship magic..

What begins as an initial attraction towards an acquaintance may move on to being the discovery of a friend.

india Updated: Feb 16, 2006 21:38 IST
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The saying goes, “there are no strangers in this world, just friends you haven’t met.” However, one needs to remember that a friendships cannot exist in a vacuum. There is a certain chemistry with friends just as it is in a romantic relationship. Just as romantic relationship needs to be nurtured by spending time together and love and care, friendship also needs the same elements. These act as the building blocks of friendship.

The transition from a stranger to an acquaintance and then to a friend begins with attention. As one of you attracts the other, or in some cases it may also be mutual attraction, which usually happens when the two share an experience.

Hence the first important step to making a stranger into a friend is to go out there and share an experience.

There are some people have more trouble getting out there than others. The answer to the question, ‘who have trouble getting out in the world to make friends’ lies in the fact of the existence of shy people, or those who are true loners.

These people often seek safety by staying away from people. If they don’t even work with many people, they will have a hard time sharing experiences with someone who is attractive to them and vice versa. Then there are the cases of people who are old or are isolated by physical disabilities, by geography, by abusive relationships, etc.

However, once you get over the initial shyness, you need to move on and make the first move towards friendship. This expansion includes additional contacts and conversation which then leads to making of a new contact, a new friend.

Who’s on first?

Someone must be on first for a friendship to develop. Certainly there is risk inherent in forming a friendship. The truth is that you can never be totally certain of your friend’s response.

Eventually one person must take the risk of confiding in order for a friendship to grow in intimacy. Making friends is risky, but could certainly be worth the effort of knowing a new person.

Grow a Friend!

Friends meet, attract, interact, and then have someone to confide in. These simple steps lead to a lasting relationship called friendship.

Who needs friends?

Man is a social animal and hence everyone needs friends. The fact is that best friends grow from initially being just an acquaintances. So go out and make new friends!

First Published: Feb 16, 2006 14:04 IST