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Feng Shui for film stars

The glamour of tinsel town fades soon. Mohan Deep offers some tips to celebs.

india Updated: Apr 03, 2006 19:16 IST
Mohan Deep

The identity of the people who seek Feng Shui consultation from me is always confidential.I am writing about how Feng Shui changed thelife of an actresstwice. I will call her Sanjana.

She was a successful.The shelf life of a heroine in Bollywood is about five years. Then the slide begins. The first signal of her slide was when co-stars avoided being paired with her, opting for fresh faces, instead. She was now offered second leads and had to compromise on her fee too.

It seemed like a dead end.

The bulk of her earnings was in cash which she had invested in a sibling’s name. Though Sanjana didn’t say anything about her mother, it was apparent that the latter too had grabbed a chunk of her daughter’s savings.

She seduced her film producer into marriage and retired.

Three years after her marriage, she contacted me for Feng Shui consultation.
Over a cup of coffee, she spelt out her problem, strictly in confidence. She believed her husband to be very rich, but that was only a front. Besides, he was busy working on his next project and had no time for her.

She came to the point, “Now, I am like an ordinary upper middle-class housewife with a lot of time but nothing to do. Socialising alone during the day is with women like me. Honestly, they do nothing except play cards, drink, smoke and bitch. Marriage with Ashish was a blunder. Do you think your Feng Shui can be helpful?”

I replied honestly and cautiously.

“I have seen miraculous changes happening in the lives of people. You are no different from any other wife whose husband is struggling in his business and has little time for her. He is a producer but could have been a doctor, newspaper editor or for that matter running an ad agency. We will apply Feng Shui with a positive and open attitude and see.”

Her house was a swanky, three-bedroom, sea-facing apartment in an up-market location in the western suburbs. But it was mortgaged.

As happens when the housewife is indifferent, the servants and the housemaids only pretend to work. Some of the remains of the previous night’s party, including a half-finished bottle of Scotch whiskey, were still on a trolley. The drawing room as well as her bedroom was tastefully done. It was clear that a lot of money had been spent on the décor. But the architect had not taken the Feng Shui into account. Thanks to the architect and the servants, the Marriage Corner of the house was in a total mess. There were problems in the Helpful Friends sector, and those had multiplied because of Feng Shui flaws that could have easily been corrected during the décorating. These flaws had caused bottlenecks in her husband’s project and had affected the house servants too.

She could easily understand the connection: “No wonder I always have problems with the servants, and Ashish has problems with the unit members, technicians and with the cast of the film.”

As for the Marriage Corner, an emotional Sanjana described herself as a`grass widow`!

“Most of the times, Ashish returns as late as 2 am! For first few months of our marriage, we partied together, but now I have stopped going with him. I do not like to drink and he loves to booze. Even if he is not drunk, he is too tired to sit and talk. After dinner, he just watches TV and within minutes, dozes off. I am bored.”

She had toyed with the idea of returning to films, but there were no takers for an over-the-hill married actress, unless she was ready to play mother or sister roles. Working for TV producers, she knew, was bonded labour. The hours would be long, schedules tiring and that would only get her peanuts.

One by one, I pointed out the Feng Shui flaws to her. The most crucial was her overstuffed wardrobe, done in black veneer. The entire wall seemed black. This wasn’t the first time I was seeing the impact of black in the Marriage Corner. I have over half-a-dozen recorded cases of the effect of black in the Marriage Corner. This includes the shattered marriage of the flop actor son of a wrestler-turned-star!

In less than three months of Feng Shui, Sanjana got an opportunity to go abroad for a show. This was to be the start of a new, happier life for her. Rohan, a rich NRI fell in love with her! He was married but that didn’t stop her. She carried on with him for a couple of years before divorcing her producer-husband.

Rohan set her up in India, gifting her a posh apartment and a lifestyle she had got used to, during her days as a Bollywood star. Soon, they were `secretly` married.

This was the first time that Feng Shui changed her life.

She returned to me after a couple of years. “God knows why, I am facing similar problems again. Half the time Rohan is away on business trips. My marriage is on the rocks.”

I hesitated but then told her, “You got a new house gifted to you by your husband but did you consult me for the Feng Shui of the house?”
“Things happened so fast that I didn’t even think about the Feng Shui of the house. Can you please visit my new house?”

Not surprisingly, her new house had the same old problems. I call it the Heaven Luck. Feng Shui is all about the Earth Luck that enhances the Heaven Luck.
Feng Shui changes have again brought changes in her life. It turned out that her second husband had not left his first wife. But, perhaps because of a feeling of guilt, he paid her several crores of rupees as a settlement.

Thanks to the boost she got in the Helpful Friends corner of her new house, Sanjana has got herself a powerful politician as a `good friend`.

Feng Shui, in this case, has taken Sanjana places. But she is an actress and her value system is different. What happened to her is the result of her free will. Another housewife, in a similar situation, may have different choices in front of her.

Mohan Deep, a top Feng Shui Master located in Mumbai, has become a cult figure as clients from all over the world laud him and seek his Feng Shui advice. There is an amount of glamour attached to him because of his association with the Bold and the Beautiful, the Rich and the Famous. He has a website, exclusively devoted to Feng Shui.
He can be reached for on site or off site consultation on Tel 91-22-56997992 (Office) / 91-22-26367999 (Residence). Mobile: 9820199378.
Fax: 91-22-26350503
Address: 661, Shantivan, New Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400053.

First Published: Apr 03, 2006 15:29 IST