Gandhigiri finds resonance in Italy

Italian minister Emma Bonnino plans to hold satyagraha for peace in West Asia. Did B'wood revive interest in Gandhi? Tell us...

india Updated: Oct 04, 2006 16:07 IST

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Italian Minister for International Trade and European Affairs Emma Bonnino plans to organise satyagraha in her country for peace in West Asia.

Bonnino announced her plans here while addressing a gathering of Italian parliamentarians, writers and academicians on the occasion of Gandhi's birthday on Monday, according to an Indian embassy press release.

Her political party Radicali was so influenced by Gandhian ideals of passive resistance, called satyagraha, that it has the figure of Mahatma Gandhi on its flag, said the minister. Bonnino said she followed the teachings of truth and non-violence of Gandhi at every step.

Indian Ambassador Rajiv Dogra was also a part of the gathering. Earlier, he unveiled a bust of Gandhi at the Gandhi Institute of Higher Studies in Narni, central Italy.

First Published: Oct 04, 2006 11:26 IST