Geri Halliwell's boob troubles!

The British popstar says that the massive size of her boobs during pregnancy made her look like a porn star.

india Updated: Dec 08, 2006 19:42 IST

British popstar Geri Halliwell who had earlier mentioned that mother hood was the best thing to happen in her life now insists that she looked like a porn star during her pregnancy.

Halliwell, more popularly known as Ginger Spice, insists that she couldn't believe her luck when the size of her boobs increased three times.

"During pregnancy my boobs went massive - I looked like a porn star! Having babies can be a breast-wrecker, but because I've worn really good bras my boobs seem to be OK," the Sun quoted her as saying.

The singer also admitted that breastfeeding her daughter Bluebell Madonna, helped her lose post pregnancy weight gain.

"It really helped me get back in shape - you can actually feel the uterus pulling back into place," she said.

However, Geri also revealed that she is now trying to wean her daughter off breast milk because her nipples keep leaking at inappropriate times.

"At the beginning I felt like a complete milk machine. I think it will be nice to get my body back to myself.

I had to plan carefully if I wanted to go out because my boobs would start leaking everywhere which was embarrassing. I was having a business meeting with quite an attractive man and I left the meeting and noticed there was a massive white patch on my blouse. I was so embarrassed," she added.

First Published: Nov 29, 2006 18:25 IST