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Grape seed extract can lower your blood pressure

Researchers have said that grape seed extract may be effective in reducing blood pressure.
None | By Asian News International, Washington
PUBLISHED ON MAR 28, 2006 10:48 AM IST

Researchers have revealed that grape seed extract may be effective in reducing blood pressure.

Grape seed extract lowered the blood pressure of patients who participated in a University of California Davis study of the benefits of the supplement on people with high blood pressure.

Conducted by UC Davis cardiovascular researchers, the study was the first human clinical trial to assess the effect of grape seed extract on people with metabolic syndrome, a combination of risk factors that increase the risk for heart disease, including high blood pressure, excess abdominal body weight, high blood cholesterol fats and high blood sugar.

The one-month study involved 24 male and female patients diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

"Participants in the two groups receiving grape seed extract experienced an equal degree of reduced blood pressure. The average drop in systolic pressure was 12 millimeters. The average drop in diastolic pressure was 8 millimeters," said the study's lead researcher, C. Tissa Kappagoda, professor of cardiovascular medicine and director of the Preventive Cardiology Program at UC Davis.

Kappagoda adds that the group taking 300 milligrams of grape seed extract also had reduced serum oxidized LDL cholesterol levels.

"Generally, the higher their initial oxidized LDL level was, the greater the drop by the end of the study," he said. The extract has received the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) certification from the FDA and has no known side effects.

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