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HT has encouraged me to cut down on the fries, go for a walk

On August 25, Hindustan Times launched its Fitter Mumbai campaign and invited you to send in your fitness resolutions. A small sample of the feedback...

india Updated: Sep 08, 2011 12:51 IST

I am never too busy for yoga

In our hectic, erratic metropolitan lives, a few minutes of yoga and meditation are essential.
My day starts with jogging, free-hand exercise, 80 crunches and 20 minutes to myself meditating and practicing deep breathing techniques.

I don’t go to yoga class or the gym as my schedule is erratic. But as you have said in the ‘Fitter Mumbai’ series, you can always work out your own fitness schedule at home, in your own time, to rejuvenate your body and mind. After yoga, a glass of warm water with lime is part of my fitness routine.

— Pia Dasgupta

As the mother of a twoyear-old, I have always maintained a healthy diet of green leafy vegetables and lots of salads. But I would often sip on soft drinks and, at times, give in to the temptation to binge on French fries.

After reading the stories in the Hindustan Times ‘Fitter Mumbai’ series, I am now trying to cut down on my junk intake.

I have also included an apple in my breakfast. And I am now considering starting a daily early morning walk too.

— Kainaat Khan

You’re right. We can make time for fitness

Reading the Hindustan Times fitness series reminded me of how I got started on my fitness regime with kickboxing classes. Going to the gym was something I had always found boring. I preferred options such as capoiera, kickboxing or salsa.

Eventually, I chose kickboxing, because it looked like a lot of fun. One uses the arms and legs the most, but what I liked was that the workout benefits the entire body.

Kickboxing is also a really good way to tackle water retention.
I feel lighter instantly. The results are pretty quick, especially since I try working out without the fan or the AC. And I work out with a friend.

I can’t stress enough what a big stress-buster it is. It’s important to have someone to work out with, since you can then assess how another person will react to your punches.

We Mumbaiites have a very fastpaced life and I am glad I can take time out for my kickboxing classes because I feel it is important to be involved in such activities.

— Aanchal C Saigal

Thanks for tackling unhealthy pollution

Hindustan Times has done well by highlighting the importance of fitness in our daily lives through special news reports and articles. Impure water is one of the main culprits in spreading diseases.

Water supply in cities as well as the suburbs is unfit to drink and turns into a grave situation, especially during the monsoon. I request you to continue your series highlighting the issue, because pure water is one of the most basic necessities if we are to stay fit and healthy.

— Ketan R Meher

My workouts have kept me fit, young

Being an avid Hindustan Times reader, I am pleased with your Fitter Mumbai campaign. I am a 47-year-old chartered accountant and work as a CFO in a mining company at Worli. I have been suffering from diabetes for the past 12 years. With my desk job, I was not doing any physical exercise.

I was also slightly overweight. My elder brother, who is a doctor, encouraged me to join a gym. At 40, I finally joined a gym, in October 2004.

I started with a mission and today I have become much leaner and fitter. I also look younger than my age. The biggest benefit is that my blood sugar levels are under control, due to which my medicine dosage has been decreased. Now, I can easily fit into my 19-year-old son’s clothes. This year, I even ran the half-marathon (21.09 km), which I completed in 2 hours and 59 minutes!

— Ketan Vora

Never take your health for granted

Staying fit and healthy is not hard work. It’s just about eating the right things at the right time. Even good things, when overeaten, don’t necessarily benefit the body. Also, one must avoid taking steroids and protein supplements. None of the side-effects will be seen immediately, but as you start aging, the ill-effects will show on your body. The key is to listen to your body. Remember, just eat the right things in moderate quantities. Your health is precious to your dear ones. Don’t play with it.

— Karthik Subramaniam