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Indian wins Miss Asia-Israel title

The 18-year-old Alona Dataokar was given an air-ticket to India among other things as prize for winning the title.
None | By Press Trust of India, Tel Aviv
UPDATED ON MAR 26, 2006 02:02 PM IST

An Indian-origin teenager has won the 'Miss Asia-Israel' title and is planning to use the prize money "to discover her roots".

An excited 18-year-old Alona Dataokar, who was given an air-ticket to India among other things as prize, said, "my dream of going to India seems to be finally coming true."

She said that the prize money would enable her to stay in India for long and discover her roots.

"I am proud of my country of origin and it has always been my dream to be there and meet some of my relatives whom I have so far only talked to", Dataokar said.

Her parents immigrated from Mumbai 20 years back and she was born in Israel.

"We are an Indian family in every sense - dress, food, cultural practices - all of it has been very nicely preserved and passed on to our generation by our parents", she said.

The beauty queen is also a leading member of the 'Namaste Israel' dance group, which has become very popular in Israel during the last three years and have regularly performed in cultural programmes organised to celebrate India's Independence Day.

"We were confident that Alona will win. She is very talented and her Indian charm was visible during the contest", Director of 'Namste Israel' David Nigrekar said.

"The competition is meant to bring the Asian community in Israel on one platform and showcase their rich and colourful tradition", Producer of the pageant Avi Ozeri said.

Fifteen participants from various Asian countries were short listed for the final round of the competition.

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