Inside story of murder of underworld don Bakra

Police has developed vital leads into the sensational murder of underworld don Sanjay Gupta alias Bakra, reports Zorawar Singh Jamwal

india Updated: Nov 27, 2006 19:03 IST

Finally, zeroing in on the accused involved in the sensational murder of underworld don Sanjay Gupta alias Bakra, one of the investigating teams has developed a vital lead in identifying the assailants that executed the killing.

"An old associate of Bakra, who left his gang few years ago following a tiff over some cash amount, had carried out the execution along with the help of an unidentified criminal-a new face in the underworld. Besides, execution was masterminded by top gangster Rajesh Dogra alias Mohan-once a close aide of the then underworld don Sikander Arora alias Billoo," well placed sources in the investigating police teams told Hindustan Times.

Notably, it was Hindustan Times that during its investigation had reported that the execution was carried along with the help of some one that remained with or close to Bakra gang.

HT had also mentioned that police investigations indicate involvement of a new face in that murder case.

"Vicky Thakur, Rajesh Dogra alias Mohan and an unidentified criminal had executed the killing of Sanjay Gupta alias Bakra," sources revealed.

On Saturday morning at around 9:20 am, unidentified assailants gunned down underworld and Finance Company owner Sanjay Kumar Gupta alias Bakra, when the deceased entered inside the house of Dr RP Kudiyar.

The assailants that shot dead Bakra on the spot were already present inside the house at the Clinic of Dr Kudiyar posing themselves as patient and waiting for their turn to meet the doctor.

After committing the crime, the accused managed to flee and are at large since then.

While police officers are tight lipped over the issue as the accused and the mastermind are still at large and have not yet been apprehended, highly placed sources disclosed to Hindustan Times that "the police team has tracked down the sequence of events that occurred in past 10 months, which finally led to the murder of Bakra."

Police team has tracked down one of the associates of Rajesh Dogra alias Mohan gang, who during his interrogation has made startling disclosures, which helped the police in identifying the main accused.

"Identified as one Ashu Sharma alias Murli son of late Krishan Chand resident of New Plots, here, Murli was part of Mohan gang," sources revealed adding that when Murli was put under sustained interrogation, he revealed that around 10 months ago, Mohan had given him cash amount to purchase a scooter for his gang.

Murli bought a LML Vespa bearing registration number JKO2F-6242, which was used by Vicky Thakur and an unknown criminal to kill Bakra.”

“So far, Murli has not been able to confirm if Mohan was also accompanying the duo but he has confirmed that Mohan was the mastermind behind this incident,” sources disclosed adding that “Vicky Thakur was earlier a member of Bakra gang.

Few years ago, Vicky Thakur along with one Ricky were asked by Bakra to execute the killing of Gurmeet Singh-member of Raju Pandit gang. Raju Pandit was also murdered few years ago in a gang war.

When Vicky Thakur and Ricky attempted to attack Gurmeet Singh, the later caught hold of duo, snatched their sharp edged weapons and inflicted injuries to both. The same resulted into murder of Ricky while Vicky Thakur suffered injuries.”

"A case of murder was registered against Gurmeet Singh while an attempt to murder was registered against Vicky Thakur," sources informed adding that "as Bakra did not do much in pursuing the case against Gurmeet, so Vicky Thakur disassociated himself from Bakra group and joined Mohan group to settle score with Bakra for not doing anything in Ricky murder case. Mohan further exploited Vicky Thakur and waited for an opportunity to use him to execute the killing."

Hunt is on to trace the trio.

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First Published: Nov 27, 2006 19:03 IST