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January 29 - the day in history

On this day in 1595, Romeo and Juliet was probably first performed.
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UPDATED ON JAN 29, 2005 11:53 AM IST

Today is Friday, January 29, the twenty eighth day of 2005.

There are 337 days left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1595 - Romeo and Juliet was probably first performed.

1814 - France defeated Russia and Prussia in the Battle of Brienne. 
1856 - Queen Victoria institutes the Victoria Cross.
1861 - Kansas is admitted as the 34th U.S. state.
1886 - Karl Benz patents the first successful gasoline-driven automobile.

1916 - World War I: Paris is bombed by German zeppelins for the first time.
1933 - President of Germany appoints Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany.
1944 - Battle of Cisterna in central Italy.
1944 - About 300 were massacred indiscriminately at the Massacre in Koniuchy in Poland.
1959 - Sleeping Beauty, the last animated feature produced by Walt Disney to be based upon a fairy tale, was first released.
1963 - First inductees into the Football Hall of Fame are announced. 
1996 - President Jacques Chirac announces a "definitive end" to French nuclear testing.

2001 - Thousands of student protesters in Indonesia storm parliament and demand that President Abdurrahman Wahid resign due to alleged involvement in corruption scandals.
2002 - In his State of the Union Address, US President George Bush described "regimes that sponsor terror" as an Axis of Evil.

Today's birthdays
Thomas Paine, UIS patriot, radical, pamphleteer (1737-1809)
Anton Chekhov, playwright and short story writer (1860-1904)
Romain Rolland, dramatist (1866-1944)
John D. Rockefeller Jr., entrepreneur (1874-1960)
Victor Mature, actor (1915-1999)
Germaine Greer, writer, feminist (1939--)
Oprah Winfrey, actress, talk show host, producer, publisher (1954--)
Greg Louganis, Olympics gold medalist in diving (1960--)
Heather Graham, actress (1970--)
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, shooter (1970--)

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