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Just next-door youth, not a ghost

?ARE YOU a ghost?? When Neeraj Yadav (21) heard someone ask this question over his mobile phone yesterday, he though it was a crank call.
None | By HT Correspondent, Indore
PUBLISHED ON MAR 25, 2006 02:01 PM IST

“ARE YOU a ghost?” When Neeraj Yadav (21) heard someone ask this question over his mobile phone yesterday, he though it was a crank call.

But then the calls from different numbers started coming in torrents, and the questions were as whacky. “What is my name?” “What clothes am I wearing?” “You known everything, tell me when will my sister get married?” “I lost my cycle, where will I find it?”

Neeraj, a native of Sehore who is preparing for his PSC and staying in a room at Sukhliya, realised that something was seriously wrong. When the next call came, he hesitantly asked why was the caller had made the call to him. Then by bits and pieces the story came out.

Apparently, a Hindi newspaper in Jabalpur had printed a story in which it was said that a man who was carrying a mobile (number 98258-73727) had died in a road accident. In that accident, his mobile had been completely destroyed, but surprisingly the mobile phone was still working and it was being answered by the owner who had become a ghost and that the ghost was answering all queries.

“I received no less than 250 calls throughout the day, and all of them were from Jabalpur and its surrounding area,” said an agitated Neeraj. He even tried telling people who called him that he was not a ghost, but then he got tired to explaining and simply disconnected all such phone calls.

It was then that he approached the ‘We Care for You” cell of the Indore police for help. The police too were perplexed. But they called some of the persons who had called a number of times on that number and told them the reality.

The police are also trying to find out the newspaper where this news was published and get a clarification published. Incidentally, last month, another ‘ghost’ mobile phone story had been doing the round.

In that story, which originated in neighbouring Dewas, it was said that if you called a particular mobile number, a ‘ghost’ picked up who could tell everything about the caller – name, the shirt he was wearing etc – and more importantly, it was a free of charge call.

It was being claimed that if you made the call from any phone, the call did not register with the exchange and therefore there was no charges.


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