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Online jewellery sales rising...Any takers?

Online sales of jewellery are picking up because of growing preference for branded products and semi-precious items.
None | By Arvinder Kaur (Press Trust of India), New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 30, 2006 02:38 PM IST

Indian women have always had a prodigious appetite for jewellery, and even when it is sold online, there are many takers for it.

Online sales of jewellery are picking up because of the growing preference for branded products and semi-precious items, industry experts say.

"The growing number of online purchases is an indication that people believe that buying known brands is safe and secure," says Preeti Desai, President of the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

"We expect consumers to buy more than Rs 40 crore worth of jewellery online in 2005-06," says Preeti Desai.

"Jewellers who are successfully selling online have figured out a way of selling as well to men as they don't shop for jewellery the same way as women do. He will be willing to buy items that cost Rs 10,000 and above, and will most definitely research them before narrowing down the sale," added Desai.

Agrees Rajiv Mehta, Director, Surat Diamond, an online jewellery shop "online shopping for most people means buying within the Rs 10,000 range."

Mehta further explains, "It is only when they have to buy very precious jewellery and that too from a not very well-known name, that the touch and feel factor comes. If the seller is a well-known brand, there are no reservations."

"The key is the consumer's confidence in the Internet and in a specific brand. Typically, customers will test their first purchases with low-value items like books, DVDs etc," says K Vaitheeswaran of an online shopping store.

"If they find the experience satisfying, they move up their purchase values and get comfortable with buying high-value items," Vaitheeswaran added.

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