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Quite and dignified Akshaye turns 31

Arnab Banerjee profiles the star on his birthday. Akshaye in various moods
None | By Arnab Banerjee, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 30, 2006 01:52 PM IST

When it comes to good looks, a great body and a sexy swagger, Vinod Khanna was one Bollywood actor from the yesteryears who had it all.

While it may not be a case of like father like son, his offspring Akshaye Khanna too oozes a lot of charm, both on and off screen.

As he turns 31 today, we take look at the actor, who holds a lot of promise, but is yet to find his deserved place under the arch-lights.

Not a great start
His debut film, Himalayputra, made viewers sit up and take note. The spontaneous and charming actor’s natural talent was discernible even in the masala  potboiler. And weren’t fans of the senior Khanna pleased.

Sadly some unmemorable films followed like, Mohabbat, Dehek, Kudrat, Doli Saja Ke Rakhna  and Love You Hamesha

It was only in films like Border, Aa Ab Laut Chale, Taal and Dil Chahta Hai that one got to see the promise that the star son held.

JP Dutta's Border, which boasted of a huge star cast like Sunny Deol, Suneil Shetty Tabu, Rakhee and Jackie Shroff, gave Junior Khanna’s fans a rare glimpse into his perceptive talent.

Akshaye Khanna turns 31 today. He holds a lot of promise, but is yet to find his deserved place under the arch-lights.

Instead of the usual brawn that most actors are expected to demonstrate, this actor interpreted the role with rare sensitivity. But despite the film doing phenomenally well, success eluded him

Turning point
Then came Subhash Ghai’s Taal  costarring Aishwarya Rai and this time around, not just a certain section but the entire nation acknowledged his potential as an actor.

His costar, Anil Kapoor was so impressed with him that he has gone on record saying that Akshaye “is the finest actor he has ever worked with.” Coming from the perfectionist methodical Anil Kapoor, it sure is some compliment.

If bouquets, compliments and fan following came in ad infinitum, the true box office barometer, which decides an actor’s fate, never quite favored him. In addition his limited selection of films kept the actor on the periphery and never quite allowed him to become a top-ranking star. He was also conspicuously absent from the P3, where wannabe actors are often seen.

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