Rajnath's stand on quota for Muslims

BJP President believes Congress is responsible for the ill fate of the Muslims in the country and believes that UPA government has failed.

india Updated: Apr 04, 2007 20:31 IST

BJP president, Rajnath singh warned on Wednesday that his party would oppose vehemently any attempt by the UPA government to provide for a blanket quota for Muslims.

The BJP president, who made a brief stop over in Aurangabad on his way to Jalgaon, to campaign for the by election to the Erondol Lok Sabha constituency said his party was firm on the ideology and philosophy on which it had been formed. ``We do not believe in appeasing the minorities, Rajnath Singh said.

``A blanket quota for Muslims in jobs and higher education would mean the government made no difference between a Dawood Ibrahim (underworld don) and the vast majority of the socially and economically underprivileged sections of Muslims, said Singh. However he added that he was not opposed to the quota being provided to backward Muslims currently.

Rajnath mentioned about the plight of Muslims and blamed it on Congress party which was responsible for their fate.

Accusing the UPA government of utter failure on all fronts, Rajnath said, the Indian government should launch diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka where the LTTE had now acquired aircrafts. `` Should we continue to remain passive about Sri Lanka it will not take long for the island country to soon find itself in a Nepal like situation," Rajnath singh warned.

First Published: Apr 04, 2007 18:51 IST