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Recreation in the lap of nature

This summer Noida people won't have to go to far off India Gate lawns to enjoy the cool splash of water. The Noida Authority has readied the facility in the city itself. Over 1500 sq m of lake has been constructed in Sector 62 Park for boating.

india Updated: May 03, 2011 12:03 IST

This summer Noida people won't have to go to far off India Gate lawns to enjoy the cool splash of water. The Noida Authority has readied the facility in the city itself. Over 1500 sq m of lake has been constructed in Sector 62 Park for boating. "To begin with, there will be four boats. Later, depending upon the response we get we will have four more boats," says Yadav Singh, Chief Engineer, Noida Authority.

A wholesome picnic destination: But boating is not just the only facility this park will have. There are many other treats that make this park as a hot picnic destination for the residents of Noida and adjoining areas of Ghaziabad like Indrapuram.

Spread over 18.47 acres this is the largest park in the city. It is in the shape of two Ds, a bigger and a smaller joined by a green belt. The entire landscaping has been done by a professional firm, Oasis Design. The park has many firsts to its credit. As for example, this is the first park to have musical fountain. A big musical fountain has been constructed near the gate number 1 and 2, while smaller geyser fountains have been set up along the pedestrian plaza on the side of Gate Number 3.

Near Gate Number 3 there is a children play area with swings and slides for kids, and a resting area for senior citizens near Gate Number 1. The NA has already placed 40 benches all over the park where the visitors can rest. The other features include a joggers' track around it, an amphitheatre for holding cultural shows and a ceremonial plaza where private functions like birthdays and wedding receptions can be held.

There is a proper lighting arrangement as also facility for parking. "For parking we have a space of 4200 sq m in between Gate Number 1 and 2, where four-wheelers and two-wheelers can be parked," says Singh. "For watering the plants, a separate tubewell has been dug up, and irrigation will be done through the sprinkler system," he adds.

Over 60 different varieties of trees and an equal number of varieties of shrubs have been planted in the park. High canopy flowering trees have been planted on the periphery of the park so that the pedestrians can view the inside of the park while enjoying the peripheral pedestrian plaza. And, the grading of the park has been designed in such a way that rainwater can be collected through recharge pits and harvested.

Butterfly dome

Another special feature of this is the Butterfly Dome, wherein the butterflies will be cultured through the larvae, followed by in-house breeding to increase its population. The whole place will be so constructed that it is conducive to the birth and growth of butterflies. It will have waterfalls and a stream of water so as to give a semblance of natural environment to the butterflies. Visitors can view the butterflies from a natural elevated walkway without disturbing their habitat. This dome has been modelled on the lines of the one in Singapore.

Residents elated

The residents are happy, more so those who reside in the vicinity like sectors 58, 63, 71 etc. "Sector 62 has so many tall multi-storeyed residential complexes. It has been turned into a concrete jungle. A park in this area was much-needed," says Radhika Mohyal.

"Just one big park won't suffice. The NA must develop the smaller green parks eslehwere in the sector too," puts in another resident Sudhanshu Patel. "More so since we are so near Khoda where the garbage of entire city is thrown," he adds.

"Sometimes the air is so thick with the smell of garbage that it gets suffocating. The presence of parks will offset this bad smell to some extent. NA must also plant some neem and jamun trees on the road sides as well as back lanes so that we can have some fresh air," says Manjeet Parmar, another resident.

Delay cost dear

The entire park has come up at the cost of Rs 5 crore. Incidentally, when this park was planned in 2002, the cost was just about Rs 2 crore.

Entry fee

The NA has yet not decided on the entry fee to the park. But no fee will be levied on joggers, who remain on the joggers track.


Deepti Aggarwal, sector 62

This city badly needs a place or outing with a family. As of now we have been going to Indrapuram for boating but that is not maintained and too few boats. That it is near my home is an added bonus.

Puja Srivastava, Sector 19

We surely need more such parks, more so or children who are losing touch with nature. As of now entertainment means going to malls, but malls have a cosmetic environment. An entry fee should be there since people would then feel responsible and not dirty the park.

Sudarshan Awasthi, sector 22
The NA must see to it that the park is maintained properly. Our experience shows that though NA develops various facilities, it sorely lacks on maintenance part, which results in the whole money and effort going down the drain.