Sonia tried to make virtue out of necessity: Jaya

AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa said Sonia had only tried to make a virtue out of a compelling necessity.

india Updated: Mar 24, 2006 17:08 IST

Terming Congress President Sonia Gandhi's resignation from the Lok Sabha and as Chairperson of National Advisory council as a "drama", AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa on Friday said the Congress president had only tried to make a "virtue out of a compelling necessity".

In a hard hitting statement, she said in 2004, a "drama was enacted to make believe that a great sacrifice was made by her by renouncing the prime ministership."

She further added, "Actually the office of Chairperson of the National Advisory Council gave the power to control the government without any accountability."

On Thursday, Sonia Gandhi has once again "staged another drama" of trying "to fool the nation" that her resignation was to uphold high principles.

Even in 2004, Sonia Gandhi had projected herself as the prime ministerial candidate and had obtained written consent of the constituent partners to this effect.

Simultaneously, she got herself elected as the leader of the Congress Parliamentary party, Jayalalithaa said.

"Then, to cover up events that took place in the backstage, she enacted a grand melodrama of sacrifice by handing over the mantle to Manmohan Singh", she alleged.

"Today... This panicky knee-jerk reaction is yet another bid to protect her position", Jayalalithaa claimed.

It was ironical that an act of "vindictiveness" against Jaya Bachchan in getting her disqualified, now seems to be "hoisted with her own petard", Jayalalithaa said.

First Published: Mar 24, 2006 17:08 IST