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The bait: Four things going viral online among the youth

What happens when youth become hyper-social? #AddictionMax. According to survey, most youngsters can’t live without accessing social media. On an average, most will get restless within three days of not being able to access social media.

india Updated: Sep 03, 2015 18:50 IST
Vishakha Saxena
Vishakha Saxena
Hindustan Times

What happens when the youth becomes hyper-social? #AddictionMax. According to the HT youth survey, on an average, most youngsters get restless within three days of not being able to access social media.

So, what is it that’s keeping the youngsters hooked these days? Take a look at the four things viral on the internet right now:


From How Things Happen #AccordingToIndians to Domino’s Banana Pizza, you can spend the whole day on Buzzfeed and you won't know where your time went.

Buzzfeed launched its arm of operations in India recently. Buzzfeed India editor Rega Jha explained that the idea behind it came after she started experimenting with some India-themed content. "We immediately saw a surge in our traffic from South Asia, and quickly realized that there's a giant, untapped, internet-savvy audience here that's hungry for content tailor-made for them."

(Snapshot of some of the content on Buzzfeed India)

So what makes them tick? According to Jha, it's because they've optimised their content and cultivated their newsroom according to the audience they cater to. "If a BuzzFeed post is doing really well amongst 23 year old women, chances are it was written by one too."

Pretentious Movie Reviews

Ever watched an Indian movie and thought “whatthehell?”. Yep, these guys do. Watch Kanan Gill and Kalyan Rath as they review movies that shouldn’t have been made.

"Kanan was watching an old Hindi movie and the idea came to him. I had just watched Ship of Theseus and I was describing how pretentious that movie is to Kanan. So we thought this could be a thing. We knew it had some kind of potential," explained Rath.

Together, the two review questionable Hindi movies with unmissable sarcasm and a heavy influence of American humour. And according to Rath that's what sticks with their audience. "Indian youth is well acquainted with American humour" he said attributing it to their growing interest in American TV series.

‘Movie ruiner’ Imaan Sheikh

Cult classics like Hum Saath Saath Hain and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge reviewed with hilarious GIFs and witty write-ups that you'd never forget. Need we say more?

According to Sheikh it's the "pop culture references, internet humour, and a love for nostalgia" that have made her reviews so popular among the youth.

She, however, never thought they'd become as popular. "I watched Dhoom 3 and hated it. I wrote a pictorial summary of it, not at all expecting it would go viral. But it did."

Minimal Bollywood Posters, Tweetard

What happens when the funniest tweets and witty ideas are all turned into posters? They become a rage, especially on Facebook.

"There's a joke hidden in everything I do," explained Akshar Pathak, the face behind the two. "You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to come up with jokes. Well-placed humor that is clever and apropos to a certain political or a current situation always appeals to people better," he added.

So what's his secret behind the witty content? Just a shower, apparently. "Most of them (designs) are shower thoughts. And I shower daily. At least 9 of the 10 ideas I have in mind never actually see the light of day and that's a pretty shameful statistic," said Pathak.

First Published: Aug 12, 2014 20:08 IST