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The Dance of Time and Light: Part II

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
May 20, 2004 05:20 PM IST

Time IS elastic, and it is this elasticity that we will be using when we seek to shift our parameters from linear time to circular time.

Light and time function together to express the human as a vast and complex being. The human mind can make itself as small as an atom, and as infinite as the Cosmos. Our yogis have done this, and more, in the Golden Ages, with success. The time has come for us 'ordinary' humans to take up these exercises, so that we can learn to control time. So that we can learn to expand and contract time according to our requirements.

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Have you ever heard the saying that time is elastic? Well there is more truth in this simple statement than people realize.

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Time IS elastic, and it is this quality of elasticity that we will be using, and pulling upon, when we seek to shift our parameters from linear time to circular time. This innate malleability makes this parameter called Time a unique part of expanding and contracting physicality.

When we get to understand the mysteries of Time, we will finally be able to explore the beginnings of Creation, and see how the Divine Plan worked to construct physicality.

The nature of  Linear Time as is at present our reality, is both sequential and non-sequential.  When we understand what 'circular time' is then through it, what you perceive as past, present and future will merge together. You will be standing in the centre of the Sphere of Time, and wherever you look you will find its different phases, perceived at the same "Time".

Let us take the example of the story filmed and preserved on a Video Cassette. The whole story is present in it, and if you wish to watch any scene, whether it is in sequential order, or even in reverse order, from end to beginning, you can do so by merely touching a button. So the whole story, past present and future is contained in that bit of tape in your hands.

This is how we could roughly define 'circular time', for everything, past, present and future, are contained within it, and most importantly, accessible merely by our intent. A slightly difficult concept, yet the breakthrough for this new awareness is imminent in the New Age.

The integration of Time is based upon our need to experience physicality so that we may comprehend the special challenge issued us by the divine plan. The challenge is to understand illusion (physicality) and to realize how we can use that illusion to gain wisdom. It is through wisdom that a particular reality functions; its use makes you more able to carry out the divine plan. Each facet of a particular lifetime is experienced to glean wisdom, which helps us to unfold the divine plan of this Creation.

Consequently, Time occupies a very special position in every aspect of physicality. It is honoured for its rhythms and fêted for the wisdom that it can offer us.

Time is now being acknowledged as the defining regulator of a New Reality! Our Masters and Yogis learnt to bend time according to their mind power, and very shortly, so will we all. Let us look forward to this breathtakingly exciting "Time" of our lives!

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