Too fast, too furious in hills
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Too fast, too furious in hills

Too fast, too furious in hillsThe book has the matters that are timeless and in fact spiritual.

india Updated: Feb 11, 2006 13:14 IST

Island of Infinity; Marina’s Dream
Anuradha Majumdar
• Price — Rs 250
• Publication — Puffin

Fuji rock disappears in sunlight and this summer vacation at their grandfather’s house in Kodai hills, Gautam and Marina will get to see and hold this mysterious rock in their hands. Co-incidentally, their Tibetan friend, Tenzing, who works for their grandfather, also has in his possession a similar rock.

While at Kodai they meet Madam Michiko, a Japanese storyteller and we get a few pointers to the forthcoming events. It so happens that the children have to cut short the Kodai trip and must now join their school camp at Andaman Islands. But the ship has already left and they must now take a cargo vessel.

Accompanying the children is their friend Spark, the hyper enthusiastic parrot who provides for generous doses of humour in the book. Action begins in earnest as the ship is hit by a storm on the high seas. Gautam encounters a saboteur on board even as the map the children are carrying goes missing. Hurtling the action forward are the mysterious goings on at this beautiful island where the ship takes refuge.

There is more than one mystery to unravel. Often it is Spark who brings in the valuable clues. As the story progresses, Marina’s recurring dream, madam Michiko's intuitive vision, a turtles' story from long ago and Tenzing's quest all fall in place.

Anuradha Mazumdar’s action brew has an added dimension. She brings in matters that are timeless and in fact spiritualthe author’s experience of living in Auroville comes in handy, no doubt.

But not for once does she let the pace slow down or the humour wan. “Too-good-ya” as Spark would say and I for one would agree.

First Published: Feb 11, 2006 13:14 IST