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Letters to the editor December 13, 2012.

india Updated: Dec 12, 2012 23:29 IST

The Congress’ view about Modi’s governance style is unconvincing
I agree with the editorial The sides aren’t evenly matched (Our Take, December 11) that Narendra Modi isn’t leaving anything to chance and working hard to ensure his victory in the elections in Gujarat. If he is in a virtually unassailable position today, it is because he has been the best administrator in Gujarat so far. That’s why the Congress is finding it hard to name a credible candidate for the chief minister’s post. Many Congress leaders’ criticism that Modi’s governance model is elitist, exclusive and doesn’t conform to Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals is quite unconvincing.
Ved Guliani, Hisar

FDI will do a lot of harm to Indians
I agree with Sitaram Yechury’s views in his article For profit, not people (Left Hand Drive, December 11) that the Congress’ policies will benefit foreign investors more than the aam aadmi. By increasing the limit for foreign direct investment (FDI) to 49%, the UPA has sounded the death knell for the Indian manufacturing industry and local brands. Thousands of people will lose their jobs while MNCs will strike it rich. The UPA’s reforms must promote State-funded infrastructural projects which will improve the lot of Indians. I hope that senior UPA ministers will pay attention to the Opposition’s valid concerns on FDI.
Sapan Garg, via email

The long and short of why we lost
The Indian Premier League is indeed taking a toll on the long form of the game, as the editorial A wide open field (December 11) rightly argues. Team India’s shameful defeat in Kolkata has proved that most of our cricketers are playing to make quick money. They don’t aspire to improve their cricketing skills or make the nation proud with their performances.
Kiran Sabharwal, via email