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Wonder in the womb: Part III

The parents must realize how their interaction is affecting the unborn child, as its senses are now very acutely taking in all that it can sense in the home.

india Updated: Dec 22, 2003 17:09 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

The fifth month of pregnancy that the baby is going through is exciting for him in many ways. The total Love of the Creator is still with it, and so is the unconditional love of its human parents. It is so soaked with love from all sides, that it forms a bridge between the Parents and God. This excitement shows clearly as the baby turns 'handsprings', just as a lover would do in mad excitement on achieving the love of his life! It looks forward to its human life eagerly, so that it can be the centre of attention of the two people to whom he is biologically attached!

The next month sees the child mastering its place in the womb, as well as being a special part of the world outside. It can feel, hear and sense everything going around it, and longs for the 'sight' of the brave new world it will enter soon!

The seventh month is when the baby feels itself in a transitional mode from being the 'angel' to becoming 'human'. It prepares itself to start the education of its little soul in the schoolroom called 'Earth'. This is the 'human consciousness' that is pulled into the cellular memory of the growing baby.

The eight month signals the completion of the transition which took place in the seventh month. The ethereal part of the baby is now slipping away to allow for the human mode to take charge. The angels in charge of this process watch very carefully, as the turning point is reached, from which the return to the realm of 'angels' becomes impossible. The race into infinity, through the 'human' experience is now guaranteed!

The number 'nine' is the number of completion. It is no surprise that the time for gestation of a human child is nine months and nine days. The parents must realize how their interaction is affecting the unborn child, as its senses are now very acutely taking in all that it can sense in the home, including what is left unsaid, through the vibratory process. In fact the baby has almost a human mindscape by now, and reacts with human vibrations to anything that affects it. There is a sense of urgency at this point, to start the human adventure! It moves around physically quite a bit, to remind the parents that it is coming forth soon.

The time is nearing for the womb to expel the baby, and it is well aware that its journey, from the confines of the darkness into the Light of the Earth is about to commence. When the waters break, and the warmth of the surrounding liquid leaves, the baby opens to the realization of its new beginnings, one that it had opted for, to perfect its soul, so that the little soul was now able to merge with the Oneness of the One Great Soul!

The greatest gift of all -the human birth, now takes place! This wondrous saga, from conception to birth is something we have all partaken of, and enjoyed!

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First Published: Dec 22, 2003 17:09 IST