The message is fake and misleading.(Screengrab)
The message is fake and misleading.(Screengrab)

Fact Check: Fake WhatsApp forward claims Israel has no death from COVID-19 due to lemon-bicarbonate drink

The message is false and misleading.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
UPDATED ON MAR 28, 2020 08:07 PM IST

“In Israel no death from C-19!” this is how the first line of a fake message, which is now being widely circulated online, starts. It then goes onto say how there’s a cure for coronavirus and also falsely claims that the virus didn’t cause any deaths in the country. The message then details a supposed cure for the pandemic – a combination of lemon, water, and bicarbonate (baking soda). Further the message even presents an explanation that the mixture “alkalizes the immune system” and that’s why “people of Israel is relaxed about this virus”.

It’s being circulated widely on WhatsApp by many:

The fake news is now being shared by many.
The fake news is now being shared by many.

Here are the other platforms where the message is being shared by people.

The message is fake and misleading. Israel’s Ministry of Health has launched a website with information and updates regarding the pandemic concerning the country. On the site, they also have a press release section where they have updated details on number of patients or any other official statement on a given day.

According to a popular daily, The Times of Israel, as of today, the numbers of patient in the country is over 3,000. Also, so far five people have died in Israel, as per reports published by several popular dailies, including Live Hindustan.

Further, there is no report by World Health Organsation (WHO) or other authoritative bodies on lemon and bicarbonate mixture being a cure for COVID-19.

Hence the claims that there are no COVID-19 cases in Israel or that this mixture can cure the virus are false

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