The cat sprints forward and saves the baby.(Screengrab)
The cat sprints forward and saves the baby.(Screengrab)

‘Hero’ cat saves 1-year-old baby from falling down the stairs. Video goes viral

The 45-second-long clip shows the cat saving the baby and it is now going all kinds of viral.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
UPDATED ON NOV 09, 2019 11:36 AM IST

A cat from Colombia is termed as a “hero” by netizens and for all the right reasons. The feline pounced on a crawling toddler and now is being credited with saving the baby’s life. A video of the incident made its way onto social media and has evoked a warm fuzzy feeling in many. There’s a chance that after watching the viral clip you’ll feel the same too.

In the video, the baby crawls on a floor, while the cat sits on a nearby couch. Within a few seconds, the baby makes his way towards an open door. At the exact moment, the cat pounces on the baby and latches onto the little one – stopping it from trembling down the stairs.

The 45-second-long clip of the incident was shared by DLore Álvarez on Facebook page the Fundación Gatos Bogotanos en Adopción – an organization that advocates for rescue and adoption of cats. The clip quickly captured people’s attention and now it’s being shared by many across various social media platforms.

People dropped all sorts of comments on the feline’s act. While some applauded the cat’s quick action, others hinted that cats make wonderful pets.

“Cats can recognize that babies are human kittens and cats often raise kittens communally. So it’s not too surprising when they watch out for babies like they do with kittens but it’s still amazing and gives me all the warm fuzzies to see! I love cats so much,” wrote a reddit user. “Leaves a warm feeling inside for sure,” commented another. “The cat is a hero.” wrote a third.

Here’s how tweeple reacted:

The incident took place in Bogota, Colombia, reports Fox News. The cat that saved the one-year-old boy is named Gatubela.

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