Seen here: the monkey on the bike and then dragging the child.(Twitter/@peta)
Seen here: the monkey on the bike and then dragging the child.(Twitter/@peta)

Viral video of bike-riding monkey trying to grab a toddler is anything but funny

“Look closer - this is not funny,” tweeted PETA.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
PUBLISHED ON MAY 07, 2020 06:50 PM IST

A video of a monkey riding a bike and trying to grab a toddler has gone all kinds of viral on social media. The incident, which took place in Indonesia, has now prompted all sorts of reactions with many calling it hilarious. However, despite those initial chuckles if one introspects, the video is anything but funny. In fact it’s sad and shows how animals can be abused and exploited.

PETA took to Twitter to address the viral video and gave a possible explanation of what actually is happening in the clip. “LOOK CLOSER — THIS IS NOT FUNNY,” they tweeted.

The organisation then explained that the video shows the monkey being pulled by a rope and that is why it clings onto the toddler “in a desperate attempt to escape the abuser on the other end of the leash.”

PETA’s tweet received mixed reactions from people. While some agreed with the organisation and thanked them for addressing the incident, others were not convinced. A few also wrote that the tweet has now made them see the video in a completely different light.

“Well done for posting this in a responsible manner. Unlike another twitter handle that made light of this,” praised a Twitter user. “No it’s not funny. It’s shockingly depressing,” wrote another. “It’s not funny? Then, why am I laughing,” tweeted a third. “Wow. Never noticed that before. Completely changes the narrative! Poor babies!!” wrote a fourth.

Some argued that the monkey is trained to kidnap the kids and the video shows a failed attempt.

“PETA, this monkey is being used for human trafficking, the monkey is trained to grab the child and then the rope is pulled. At least that’s what is going around about this video,” wrote a user of the micro-blogging site. To which, another argued and tweeted this:

Though people dropped different opinions about what could actually be happening in the video, many agreed that it’s not funny at all.

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