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From nature-inspired designs to sustainable solutions: 6 top laminate trends for rain-ready interiors

By, New Delhi
May 23, 2024 04:19 PM IST

Explore the latest trends in laminate designs, perfect for creating rain-ready interiors. These are sure to elevate your space while embracing sustainability.

With the rainy season on the horizon, are you ready to weatherproof your home? Laminate surfaces, renowned for their durability and versatility, offer practical solutions for the challenges brought by rainy weather. Laminate is a surface decor material that uses high-definition manufacturing technology to mimic the look of stone, wood or any other pattern. It's important to keep up with the latest laminate design trends if you want to make sure the interior of your home or business has a modern, stylish aesthetic. Check out this season's hottest styles, from nature-inspired designs to eco-friendly options, wide planks to bold colours and patterns. (Also read: Top 10 laminate trends for 2024: Colourful expressions, textural marvels, biophilic designs and more )

Explore the latest trends in laminate designs, from nature-inspired motifs to eco-friendly solutions, (Unsplash)
Explore the latest trends in laminate designs, from nature-inspired motifs to eco-friendly solutions, (Unsplash)

Top laminate trends for rainy season

Punit Tambi, Partner, Innovation and Growth, Millimetre shared with HT Lifestyle five laminate trends designed to keep your interiors rain-ready without compromising aesthetics.

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1. Nature-Inspired Designs: There's a growing demand for laminate patterns that capture the beauty of nature, including woodgrains, fabric textures, stone patterns and botanical motifs. From rustic oak finishes to sophisticated marble designs, these laminates bring an organic warmth and tranquillity that's hard to resist.

2. Advanced Moisture Resistance: Opt for laminate surfaces engineered to repel water and resist moisture. They are easy to maintain on their surfaces and have antimicrobial properties and mould-resistant coatings that look appealing despite the weather outside. There are extensive laminate options that excel in advanced moisture resistance, providing homeowners with peace of mind and unparalleled quality for their living spaces.

3. Bold Colour Statements: While neutral tones have held sway in interior design, there's a noticeable shift towards bolder and more vibrant colour choices in laminate surfaces. From sumptuous jewel tones to playful pastels, laminates now serve as a canvas for expressing individuality and creativity in interior spaces. These bold colour statements infuse energy and personality into home decor, strikingly impacting any room they adorn.

4. Mixed Material Combinations: Today, versatile laminate designs are combined with elements like metal accents, glass inserts or fabric overlays, revolutionising design compositions and pushing the boundaries of conventional applications. Laminates enable you to create dynamic interiors that defy traditional design expectations.

5. Sustainable Solutions: With an increasing emphasis on eco-conscious living, sustainable laminate options are gaining popularity. Opt for laminates crafted from recycled materials or responsibly sourced from forests, boasting low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. These solutions reduce environmental impact and offer chic and durable alternatives for modern interiors.

6. Customisation and Personalisation: Look out for options that facilitate customisation of colours, patterns and textures, allowing for the creation of bespoke designs tailored to personal preferences. Customisable laminates empower homeowners to bring their unique vision to fruition.

Future laminate trends are moving towards a holistic approach to the seamless design, emphasising the integration of coordinated laminates and edge bands. Today, Laminate ranges like Millimetre's offer a flawless finish that rivals international quality standards, ensuring resilience and beauty for years to come. Embrace the future of laminate design and elevate your interiors to new heights of durability and sophistication.

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