Top 10 laminate trends for 2024: Textural marvels, biophilic designs and more - Hindustan Times

Top 10 laminate trends for 2024: Colourful expressions, textural marvels, biophilic designs and more

Jan 17, 2024 07:51 PM IST

From vibrant and colourful expressions to mesmerising textural marvels, discover the latest trends in laminate aesthetics shaping the year ahead.

As we navigate through the heart of 2024, the landscape of interior design is undergoing a remarkable transformation, promising an exciting array of laminate trends to rule the year. Laminate has become a very popular surfacing material due to its affordability, adaptability and distinctive design. It mimics the look of stone, wood or any other design with the help of high-definition manufacturing technology. Keeping up with the latest trends in laminate design is essential to ensure that your home or office space reflects a modern and stylish design. From designs inspired by nature to sustainable solutions, from wide planks to vibrant colours and patterns, these are all the latest trends that you need to be aware of. (Also read: Considering home renovations? Illuminate your space with these 7 modern lighting trends )

Top 10 laminate trends for 2024: Textural marvels, biophilic designs and more(Freepik)
Top 10 laminate trends for 2024: Textural marvels, biophilic designs and more(Freepik)

Top 10 laminate trends of 2024

Utsav Garg, Managing Director, Skydecor Laminates shared with HT Lifestyle top trends in laminates that are set to redefine the very essence of our living spaces.

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1. Colourful Expressions

Wave goodbye to conventional palettes as the trend leans towards colours that spark curiosity and energy. Envision laminates adorned in the Pantone Colour of the Year - Peach Fuzz, as well as playful yellows, calming greens, and a mix of fresh vibrant hues.

2. Textural Marvels

Fluted laminates stand out as a distinctive choice this year, creating a focal point that adds character and style to your space. The play of light and shadow on these textured surfaces elevates the overall visual appeal of your interiors.

3. Biophilic Designs

Embracing nature indoors laminates in 2024 integrate biophilic designs. Nature-inspired patterns establish a harmonious connection with the outdoors, adding a touch of tranquillity.

4. Innovative Applications

Breaking traditional norms, laminates find intriguing applications in home interiors this year. This trend invites a fresh perspective, exploring the versatile use of laminates to foster creativity and functionality in every corner of your living space.

5. Pattern Play

From classic motifs to contemporary geometric arrangements, laminates redefine surfaces with captivating patterns that elevate aesthetics.

6. Metallic Allure

Laminates with metallic finishes will add a touch of glamour to any space. Gold, silver, and copper accents will bring a sense of opulence, making spaces shine with a metallic allure.

7. Matte Magic

Matte-finish laminates will continue to fascinate, offering a sophisticated and understated look. The velvety texture of matte laminates adds a touch of luxury and elegance to any surface.

8. High-Contrast Colour Blocking

High-contrast colour blocking will take centre stage, with laminates combining bold and contrasting colours to create visually striking and energetic spaces.

9. Industrial Edge

Industrial-inspired laminates, featuring distressed textures, raw finishes, and exposed materials, will continue to be a popular choice for those seeking an urban, edgy aesthetic.

10. Eco-Chic Living

A design movement for 2024 that harmoniously blends environmental consciousness, understated luxury and minimalism. Eco-friendly laminates take centre stage, emphasizing sustainable materials. A chic and conscious choice for those who value style and environmental responsibility.

From colours that reflect our personality to textures that dare to impress, this year laminates will help elevate living spaces to tell unique stories. Cheers to a year filled with inspired living and limitless creativity!

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