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Home decor, interior design tips: Ways to use homsburg grey in living area

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Mar 10, 2023 08:35 AM IST

Homsburg grey is the colour of the month and we are going in total awe with it. In an interior, it makes a fine choice for everything from furniture and accessories to wall and floor finishes. Home decor and design experts share tips to use homsburg grey in living area

Homburg grey, the contemporary blend of grey and green is everything a home decor needs - sophistication, sensuality and sublimity and currently, homsburg grey is the colour of the month hence, we are going in total awe of it. Taking after the name of the town in Germany, this colour unveils the other side of nature that finds peace in the cold tones of its greens.

Home decor, interior design tips: Ways to use homsburg grey in living area (Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels)

In an interior, this colour is found appealing, both in whole and in part, making it a fine choice for everything from furniture and accessories to wall and floor finishes. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Interior Designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director of I'm the Centre for Applied Arts, shared, “As a colour that is deep and stimulating, homburg grey creates a mood on its own. It can work effortlessly in monochrome themes where it can complement botanical wallpaper patterns, organic fabric prints, honed slate tiles and more that are naturally connected to the colour family. The colour also creates a well-composed minimalist statement when chosen in matte textures and seamless finishes that become a great backdrop for metallic accents, vintage artworks, dramatic wall sconces and more that blend in with the mystery of the colour.”

Talking about bringing out the finer details, she said, “With a refined character, homburg grey appreciates the perfection and precision of everything it layers. It is best seen in clean-lined profiles as in striped wainscoting over the walls, louvres along the windows for a touch of country, shutters or panelling for the shelving units, chevron dado on the sitouts, 3d tiles in resin or ceramic for walls and more that accentuate the intricacy of the materials without coming out too strong. The colour also makes way for planters to introduce a gradient in the colour scheme and create an interesting aesthetic.”

Suggesting pairing it up with wood in the moodboards, she said, “As a colour that is as emotive as bare-faced, homburg grey certainly leans towards materials like wood, jute, bamboo and other natural materials that lend a personal touch and create a meaningful aesthetic. It reveals its authentic flavour with warmer, nostalgic decor pairs like handcrafted interior textiles, woven light fixtures, antique furniture and more that carry the artisanal quality. The colour can become a subtle backdrop behind a reclaimed wood console, a bold closet by the slatted wood feature, a statement seater by a custom log table and more that will stand out in an interior as a piece of art in itself.”

Ankit and Anand Ojha, principal designers of Anand Atelier Associate, recommended how to include the colour of the month into your space and said, “The timeless beauty of homsburg grey will not only add warmth to your space but will also add sophistication and calmness. The colour is a perfect blend of calmness and versatility. It will beautifully blend with other colors and also adds the required depth to the space. Very few colours possess this quality. Homsburg grey will give a refreshing look to your living area. The colour will effortlessly blend with your décor and adds the soothing touch to the space. Whether you choose to splash the colour on the whole wall or you choose to bring a piece of furniture in the colour it will make it look more appealing and refined. It will enliven your space without overdoing it.”

They advised, “If you think doing walls is a big step, we can take smaller ones by bringing in fabrics or rugs in homsburg grey colour. Space needs to be brighter, appealing and expressive in the way it is being displayed. With wallpaper becoming the popular choice, it is now time to include the colour of the month as a part of it. It will add elegance, uniqueness and a classy touch in your space. There is nothing to be feared about the colour of the month. The colour in itself will enfold your space and will bring joy.”

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