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Heatwave hair care: Tips and tricks for managing your mane in summer

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
May 25, 2024 09:52 AM IST

Want to protect your hair and scalp from sun damage this summer? Check out these tips and tricks for managing your mane against the heatwave

As the mercury continues to spike, everyone is looking for respite from the heat and staying indoors seems to be the best solution for now, however, at times when you must go out, the first casualty of this extreme heat are your skin and hair. While sunscreen can help to cut down the impact of sun on the skin, the hair needs more care and attention.

Heatwave hair care: Tips and tricks for managing your mane in summer (Image by Freepik)

It is no secret that prolonged exposure to the sun causes damage to our hair. Dryness, lack of shine, frizz, accumulation of pollutants, dust, dirt, sebum and irritation to the scalp are major impacts.

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In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Clelia Cecilia Angelon, Hair Expert, Founder and CEO of Surya Brasil, suggested, “First, create a physical barrier to minimise the sun exposure by using a hat or a scarf to cover your hair every time you step out. This will protect hair and scalp from sun damage. It is also very important to maintain a hair care routine with hair products formulated with natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals.”

If you love colouring your hair using harsh chemical hair dyes, Clelia Cecilia Angelon advised, “Now is the time to opt for organic and natural henna. These harsh chemical hair dyes contain ammonia and its derivatives, including ethanolamine, diethyl amine, and triethanolamine that can lead to cancer. One must also avoid products containing PPD, resorcinol, and heavy metals as they do more damage than good in the long run.”

She added, “For those of you who find henna to be a messy affair, henna cream is also a great option as it comes with an easy to apply applicator. Herbs like Babaçu Oil, Copaíba, Malva, Chamomile, Jaborandi, Jua, Cumaru, Açaí, Guaraná, Olive and Coconut Powder Oil, etc sourced from Amazonian rainforests are like elixir to your stressed hair. So make sure you include them in your henna hair mask. Just keep it on for 90 minutes and you will get great results.”

According to her, henna cream can be used as desired or needed unlike other chemical based hair dyes that dry out and damage the strands, causing excessive frizz and cannot be used frequently. The hair care expert gushed, “Lasting up to 10 washes, you will need to re touch the roots in 20 days. To ensure that the hair colour stays longer, wash your hair with sulfate and paraben-free shampoo, especially formulated for colored hair. They contain gentle cleansing agents, that are sulfate-free, with balanced pH along with Brazilian and Indian herbs, which gently cleanse the scalp, speeding up the restoration process. A conditioner too is a must add step to your hair care regime as it replenishes essential nutrients to the strands, seals the cuticles, leaving them soft and radiant.”

Clelia Cecilia Angelon concluded, “Nourishing the hair with vital nutrients is essential to having beautiful and healthy hair. Thus, use products that contain vegetable oils and butters, as these contain essential fatty acids that will promote nourishment to the strands. Specially formulated color fixation hair mask can be used once every week or twice a week. Enriched with natural and vegetable actives from India and the Amazon rainforests they promote hydration, provide intense nourishment, ensures the colour stays longer and restore the strands. Lastly, drink enough water, stay hydrated and give those hair dryers and straighteners some rest, as your hair needs respite from the heat.”

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